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Affiliation: Universitas Siswa Bangsa Int'l
Country: Indonesia
Email: tmantoro [at] gmail.com

link=Teddy Mantoro's Profile   [Teddy Mantoro's Profile Teddy Mantoro's Profile]

Dr. Teddy Mantoro is a professor at Faculty of Science and Technology, the Sampoerna University, Jakarta, Indonesia.[1]

He attended APNIC 40 (Conference on Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre) as ISIF's fellow to present his research work entitled “Securing Web Servers by Visualizing Log of Reverse Proxy Server“ in Jakarta, 3-10 September 2015.

He was selected to attend ICT4D 49 (International Conference on Information and Communication technologies and Development), deliver a demo entitled "SURELATOR: A Tool that Gives a Quality Translation”, Nanyang Technology University, (15-18 May 2015).

Dr. Mantoro's first ICANN meeting was ICANN 49 in Singapore (23-27 March 2014). He is involved in ISOC and APNIC.[1] He presented his work entitled "Interactive Peer-Tracking Framework for Hajj Pilgrims".

During the APRICOT (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) 2014, he presented his study entitled "Searching for a Reliable Emergency Communication Infrastructure Model Between Rescue Team and Victims during Disasters", Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, (18-28 Feb 2014).

He attended IGF 2012, in Baku, Azerbaijan as one of the winner of ISIF 2012 Award for his invention HajjLocator, Mobile Interactive Monitoring and Tracking System for Hajj Pilgrims.

Some of his academic publications can be found in google scholar.


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