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The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) is the RIR for Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia. The main focus of the RIPE NCC is the allocation of Internet number resources and the maintenance of a registry of all allocated Internet number resources in its service region. The RIPE NCC is not to be confused with RIPE, a related but independent collaborative forum.

The RIPE NCC was established on 16 September 1990 to deal with administrative tasks for RIPE, although it was not formally established and recognized until 1992. The RIPE NCC did not become a separate legal entity until 1998. Although the two organizations are legally independent today, they remain highly interdependent. The RIPE NCC supports RIPE by facilitating RIPE Meetings and providing support for RIPE Working Groups. The RIPE NCC maintains the RIPE Database, a public database containing registration details of the IP addresses and AS Numbers originally allocated to members by the RIPE NCC.