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NiRA or Nigerian Internet Registration Association is the registry of .ng domain names. Besides the ccTLD it supports some other second level domains including com.ng, edu.ng, name.ng, net.ng, org.ng, sch.ng, gov.ng, mil.ng and mobi.ng.

NiRA follows the Registry/Registrar model according to which .ng domain names can be registered through a NiRA accredited registrar. It does not directly register domain names.

NiRA was started as a stakeholder organization in 2005 for the maintenance of .ng domain names, prior to which, the ccTLD was managed by the National Information Technology Development Agency on behalf of the Federal Government. Initially, .ng was hosted in the USA by an American Randy Bush has its Technical Contact. Its Board of Trustees was elected in 2006 and its Executive Board in March 2007. However, in April 2013, NiRA opened its Top Level (.ng) for registration and witnessed a boom.