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|logo   = LogoName.jpg
|status = Active/Not in root zone/proposed
|country   = Country specific, International
|introduced= introduction date
|language = if non-English/IDN
|translation = if non-English/IDN
|manager  = Managing Entity
|registryprovider   = Registry Provider
|registrations   = Number of Registrations
|renewal =Renewal Rate %
|type   = Brand, Generic, Geo, IDN
|ascii = ASCII Translation of the TLD (if IDN)
|category  = sport, professional, adult, etc.
|community  = Yes/No
|website = https://example.com
|twitter = Twitter Handle
|PIC    =Yes, link for download
|priority = Number
|keypeople  = name, title

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png


Status: Active/Not in root zone/proposed
country: Country specific, International
Language: if IDN
Translates to: if IDN
Manager: Managing Entity
Registry Provider: Registry Provider
Registrations: Number of Registrations
Renewal Rate: Renewal Rate %
Type: Brand, Niche, General, Geo, IDN, etc.
ASCII Translation: .xn--3k3j39f9
Category: sport, professional, adult, etc.
Community: Yes/No
PIC Submitted: Yes, link for download
Priority #: Number

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png