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The Innovators Network Foundation (INF) is a Washington D.C.-based, non-profit research organization, focused on the future of work. Global unemployment represents a crisis on many levels, particularly among youth where unemployment rates are over 13%. Unemployment is a primary driver for poverty, disease, slowed economic growth, and even terrorism. Yet we see that there is work that needs to be done and jobs that need to be filled worldwide, which suggests deficiencies in education, infrastructure, and the application of technology. The Innovators Network Foundation is committed to research and the pursuit of innovative solutions for students and entrepreneurs around the world. IN advises governments and educational institutions on technology and trends while partnering with non-profits and commercial innovators to explore solutions for the short (labor mobility), medium (infrastructure, education), and long (education) terms. Some of Innovators Network Foundation’s work includes:

  • Leading the user testing for the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications & Information Administration Mobile Application Transparency Code of Conduct. INF’s work set out to reveal the most effective methods to convey privacy information to users of mobile devices.
  • Participating in the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop on privacy disclosures in the online and mobile space. INF supported the work of Sara Kloek, who represented children’s app developers’ work on useful privacy disclosures to use within apps and in stores.
  • Partnering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to study the impacts and issues of copyright law in the online space.