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Country: USA
Email: tmurphy [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Thomas Murphy

Tom Murphy is the VP of sales at Litle & Co.; he is the former Head of Business Development at, a division of NameMedia. He began working for NameMedia in 2006, and left for Litle & Co., in 2009. Tom has held Technical, Marketing, Business Development and Sales positions at Schlumberger CAD/CAM, The Learning Company, Xerox, Lycos, The Yankee Group, TerraNetworks, and elsewhere.[1]

Mr. Murphy has more than 20 years of business development and IT sales experience.[2]

Career History

Tom's work with NameMedia, and his current work with Litle & Co., entails traveling to a number of industry meetings and conferences, including ICANN. He often is featured as a panelist or presenter.[3][4] His executive role with Lycos saw him performing integral work for the launch of Lycos' MP3 search, Image Gallery, and Lycos Radio.[5] He also played in important role in creating the Lycos/WebMD partnership, which was valued at more than $57 million.[6] He designed and launched Lycos' first co-branded revenue sites, and brokered traffic deals with Microsoft and Netscape.[7]


Tom holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Boston University, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University.[8]