Tracey Hind

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Affiliation: GAC
Country: Australia
Email: tracey [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Tracey Hind

Tracey Hind is a GAC Secretariat at ACIG; she provides secretariat services to the GAC leadership and membership through services such as the preparation of briefing materials, direction and advice on current GAC and ICANN activities that members can become involved in, facilitation of GAC conversations and Working Groups (including document preparation) and direct support to members at the ICANN meetings. She has been a Senior Consultant at ACIG since January 2015.[1]

ICANN 52 in Singapore was her first ICANN conference.[2]

She hopes to achieve "a long life of good health, friendship, compassion and good humour", and is self-professed as a shoe-lover.[2]


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