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Name Collision

Many applications for new gTLDs have raised security concerns because the applied-for strings are already in wide use on internal networks in certain areas of the world.[1] This would create a name collision if the new gTLD were to be delegated and could cause serious security concerns for some strings. The remaining application for .CLUB has been deemed an "uncalculated risk" by ICANN because of name collision with existing internal networks, which means the application will face delays until the issues are resolved. However, in a letter that .CLUB Domains LLC CTO Dirk Bhagat sent to ICANN on September 16, 2013, .CLUB Domains has proposed a solution to the name collision issue. The company hired the same firm that ICANN hired Interisle Consulting to report on the proposed .CLUB gTLD, and are proposing to reserve the top 50 name collisions of .CLUB, which is available knowledge now due to Interisle's report. The top 50 name collisions would be blocked from registration, and according to .CLUB Domains LLC would create a number of queries to the gTLD that it would be deemed by ICANN as "low risk."[2]