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An entrepreneur, solution architect, mentor having 16+ years of experience in Computing and Internet technology design, development, research, and its innovative implementations. Anand worked on large scale e-governance G2C, G2G problem statements for various government departments and enterprises. Researched and applied optimized algorithms for cryptographic framework implementations. His professional experience encompasses technology consulting to enterprises, governments, law enforcement agencies, Internet Services organizations, Internet Exchange Points, Academia & Research Institutions.

An experienced Network Security trainer, panelist, speaker with wide international exposure across technology forums and organizations. Holds a Master of Computer Science Degree & IT, Network security & Privacy certifications- DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP.

Participated as wells as organized multiple International Technology forums, workshops and conferences and have received fellowships from ICANN, ISOC Next Generation Leader, IETF, APSIG, APRICOT, APNIC. Towards his community engagements, he contributed towards executing IICB – Indian IETF Capacity Building program, hosting South Asia Network Operators Group (SANOG 34), INSIG 2019 and India Internet Week 2019 in Kolkata. Some of his technical contributions are - Community Internet Exchange (IIFON-Kolkata-IX), Contributed towards hosting India’s first L-Root anycast instance.

Currently researching on Internet operations, specially DNS and its associated operations challenges. The Root Servers, TLDs, Its anycast implementations, DNSSEC implementation challenges, routing detours, new RFCs on DoT/DoH and its implementation challenges. The study includes impact of emerging technologies on CII for resilient and salable Internet Infrastructure.