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Graeme is involved with ICANN through the Registrar Stakeholder Group and has been involved with IRTP-D since ICANN 46 in Beijing.[3][4] In May 2013, he said the following about the GAC's safeguard during the ICANN New gTLD Board Committee's request for comment: "The GAC is proposing restrictions upon the new gTLDs which have not been imposed on their own ccTLDs."[5] He serves as Vice Chair of the group's Executive Committee (Excom) since October 2015; the term is set to expire in 2016. According to ICANN, "The Vice-Chair assumes leadership of the Registrar Stakeholder Group in the absence of the Chairman; monitors and reports on technical issues related to the domain name system; reports on activities of interest and importance to the Registrar Stakeholder Group."[6]