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Hazwany Jamaluddin is an experienced multidisciplinary applied statistics researcher trained in Google and Microsoft data analysis with experience in program management, sales and marketing. Her recent published module with the National University of Malaysia and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been used in media literacy workshops with more than 100 Malaysian youths. She was the sales executive for Newgen Knowledgeworks Sdn Bhd, program assistant for Southeast Asian Press Alliance and research associate at Datavizmy Sdn Bhd. For more than two years, she has invested her time working on various grounds of big picture business strategy, applied social science research and data strategies with private companies, non-profits and public institutions. She also has extensive experience in event management, curating training, workshop, bootcamp and courses for working professionals and youths. She was a volunteer writer for Open and Shut for Small Media and a member of Open Heroines. Prior to Datavizmy Sdn Bhd, she was a project consultant for Sinar Project, a facilitator for Youth For Rights Asia, and a fellow of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2017. While working with Sinar Project, she has served her times the Global Open Data Index Regional Community Coordinator with Open Knowledge International in 2015 and 2016. Currently, she holds a Bachelor in Science (HONS) Mathematics with Statistics from the University of Selangor.

Her work portfolio can be seen on her personal website.