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Naseem Javed is the Founder of ABC Namebank, which he founded in 1982 in Toronto and New York. The company evaluates and offers services related to brand identities, naming architecture, and global cyber-branding and trademark solutions, and Javed himself advises CEOs and Fortune 500 Companies on global naming strategies.[1] Javed is a gTLD specialist and has written books on gTLDs and brand naming.[2] As a speaker, Javed has been invited to over 100 international conferences and has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs.[3] He also conducts online webinars via AZNA on topics such as the gTLD aftermarket boom, trade upswings, as well as business and marketing dilemmas related to changes in the rise of gTLDs.[4]

Mr. Javed was a moderator for an official ICANN educational event that was part of the "gTLD Roadshow" where former ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom and other ICANN Staff travelled the world educating individuals and entities about the possibilities inherent in ICANN's New gTLD Program.[5]

This information need big updating as lot has changed and expanded