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Paulo Tavares is a law student at the Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP). He is also a member of law associations that deal with information technology and law in the city of Recife (IP.Rec - Instituto de Pesquisa em Direito e Tecnologia do Recife) and the state of Pernambuco (CDTI - Comissão de Direito da Tecnologia e da Informação).

Tavares became interested in attending ICANN Public Meetings after studying topics related to Internet governance. He has learned about the importance of ICANN's global role in coordinating the Domain Name System and accrediting registries and registrars.

Tavares is currently writing his thesis on personal data protection in Brazil and how international regulations affect the formulation, application, and interpretation of Brazilian laws. At ICANN62, Tavares looks forward to witnessing discussions and debates in person so he can deepen his knowledge of ICANN's internal workings.