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Saymon Rhuano, is the CEO of WHOIS PRIVACY GROUP, one of the largest Brazilian companies specializing in high value or rare .br domains.

He was also CEO of ME LIGA, a company that worked in the mobile telephony area.

Currently, he is dedicated to internet-related work, as well as having a legal advisory company for foreign companies, including and

WHOIS PRIVACY, provides a variety of services to foreign registrars and a group of registrars in the UK. The services are Trustee, documentation, private WHOIS, domain registration, registration of trademarks and patents at the INPI, copyright registration at the EDA / BN, legal guidance, trademark protection, acquisition of valuable domains, consultancy and telecommunications.

In 2019, the campaign for the creation of ccSLD for APPs started, from the B-R.APP domain, as the domain belongs to the WarnerMedia group.