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Saymon Rhuano is the creator of hostname (Protocol) "" which offers domain registration under the .br free of charge to all people.


He specializes in DNS, is the author with the most of articles published by the Civil Marco Internet Platform through the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil -;

Has published the Initiative NetMundial that takes care of Transition IANA, prepared the project to three new categories of Second Level Domain (SLD) under the .br ccTLD, as follows: for Designers for Physicists for LGBT Sites

Also operated extensions: for the Brazilian LGBT Community to the press in Mali, .có as IDN ccTLD under the Palau, and also operates in the Information and Communication Teccnologia Project Medeiros for the municipality in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil by PRODADOS.

It is responsible for the Top Level Domain .UVEITES outside the ICANN DNS Root, facing people with the disease uveitis.

His biggest goal is Offering Free addresses to people can use them on social networks. Since most people use Social Networking for Business, conversations, friendships and entertainment.