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Great to see you here Ray



That's Jay's Mom and she comes to some meetings so I think it's fine to leave her in Ray

Sure, here is fine for stuff that's related to the site. The benefit of using talk pages it that others can learn along with us Ray
gotcha, the talk function is throwing me for a loop but I think I'm getting it. Sometimes I just can't see the "edit" and "talk" buttons. Thanks. Andrew Merriam (aha!)

Born Field

I pondered this field for a while, given that I wasn't sure if people would want their age shown. But I think we have to come down on the side of the reader. i.e. if it's good information (as it is for bio type articles in Wikipedia), then it's probably good for us too. It's optional in any event and Stephan Ramoin is now the first one to have one! Ray


I really like how you are commenting your edits! Ray


Hi Apm , sorry for my late reply. I am still getting used to the talk function! Thanks for all the editing. -nwg

Checking articles

Hi Andrew, I understand that the -AM after most of the articles mark that you have checked them. I just wanted to tell you that you do not have to wait for the -A sign on my articles to check them. All the articles that I add to the Articles Needed are complete and you can check them. Muhammad Ali Khalid