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Thanks...please don't edit it

Clyde, there are probably a few things we may do to improve your article and also to make it conform to the style guidelines of other articles. I want you to be comfortable with the process. The types of things we might do include:
  • Fixing spelling or grammar
  • Adding a category (as I did to add you to the people list)
  • Removing the table of contents so that it's consistent with other people's articles
  • Adding / checking references
  • Making the tone as neutral as possible
  • Fixing the image link (as we did for "caricature coming")
All of these things will make a cleaner, better and more credible article and that's what wiki is all about -- collaboration such that the overall repository of information can best serve the community. So that you know what's happening at all times, you can simply add your page to your watchlist to be notified of any changes. By the same token, if you see ways to improve other articles on the site, whether they be for people, companies, glossary terms or other, you are warmly welcomed to make those edits without asking permission. This is how wiki works! Please let me know if you're cool with this and/or have other questions Ray

Hello, I'm an editor for the site and very happy to see you interested in creating a good ICANNWiki profile. Please feel free to add to other company/people/glossary articles. Also, keep an eye on your article as I will soon be editing it. Cheers, Andrew

Awesome job with your page! Ray

I'm unsure what groups you speak of. Those categories you have listed on the bottom, "People" and "Canada", are both self-generating and manually added. We added the people category (The other alternatives being company, glossary, etc, which obviously don't apply). The Canada category is automatically generated by the template that recognizes your status as Canadian as marked out in the info box. Are these the groups you speak of? Please let me know how else I can help. Andrew