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Mr, Greimann - Welcome to the site! It's great to see you improving the article for Key Systems. Please continue to help us best present that article, and maybe think about adding to the articles of the other people involved with Key Systems or starting your own page (as I see you do not have one yet!) I'm an editor with the site and can help you should you have any questions or concerns. Just send me an email at andrew[at] or use my Discussion page. Thanks! Andrew

Do you have further info we can add to the information about the lawsuit instead of deleting all of the information? Is it at all incorrect? At this point, I do not see that it is irrelevant and I'm going to put it back into the article. Please let me know how we can work on this to better represent to information. My contact info is above. Andrew 09:40, 10 February 2012 (PST)