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Great improvements re: community apps, thanks. If you ever want to contact me directly its andrew[at] Be well, and know that we sincerely appreciate the help and hope you can continue to do so. Andrew (talk)

Hello Jacob, just a quick note: The line "On February 20, 2015..." needs completion. As it stands the beginning of the sentence indicates that you are going to say or doing something, but following this statement is a list of your various positions. If might want to clarify or omit the paragraph altogether if it doesn't seem to work for the article. Thank you!

Hi thanks for reaching out. Apologies for missing this note. I don't have edit privileges, but I propose changing as follows:


On February 20, 2015 Jacob Malthouse, a former executive and Regional Liason Manager on the Global Partnerships team at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), responsible for ICANN engagements with the Caribbean and Canada and co-founder/Director of Big Room Inc., filed a Reconsideration Request against ICANN’s staff members, on the behalf of Big Room Inc.


The .eco gTLD contention set has been placed "on hold" by ICANN pending the resolution of ICANN accountability mechanisms invoked by Tin Dale LLC and Minds + Machines Group Limited. On February 20, 2015 Jacob Malthouse, Co-founder and Director of Big Room Inc., and formerly at ICANN and UNEP, filed a Board Reconsideration Request (15-2) on behalf of Big Room Inc. pertaining to one of these accountability mechanisms, the Cooperative Engagement Process. The request stated: "Big Room Inc. (“Big Room”) respectfully requests Board reconsideration of ICANN staff inaction in connection with its failure to terminate the ongoing Cooperative Engagement Process (“CEP”) pertaining to the .ECO generic top-level domain (gTLD) subject matter." The request was withdrawn prior to ICANN Board consideration of the matter. An [independent review panel] has been convened to consider whether the ICANN Board Governance Committee acted appropriately in issuing a Final Determination denying Tin Dale LLC and Minds + Machines Limited request for Board Reconsideration of the Big Room Inc. .eco CPE result.