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You are off to a great start! Ray

Placeholder pics

I added the counterpart, so we now have:

CaricatureComing.jpg PortraitComing.jpg


FYI, Andrew Merriam Apm is a Portland based person who has joined the project. Initially he'll be helping me edit the articles. So I just wanted to give you a heads up so you're not surprised. Ray

Hola, (thanks for the intro Ray) you've probably noticed my edits to your pages. I'm still getting the hang of the site and fine-tuning my own vision of how the content should look aesthetically. I'll try and explain any major edits so we can all be on the same page with where the article/site is going. Hopefully, in the near future we'll have a more concrete idea of how a page should generally look to make everyone's work easier. With that said I don't want to be stepping on your toes and please feel free to edit my edits!Andrew Merriam

Batch 4

Thanks for consolidating those names into a more manageable chunk, but I think you missed some of them? Ray

super, thx for keeping us organized! Ray

Recent Batch

I think you do some really good, consistent work and appreciate how reliable you are. Going forward I would like to encourage you to keep a few things in mind:

1. Please do not copy articles verbatim from the source used. Re-wording, or re-structuring the flow to focus in on the parts most important to the ICANN community really helps distinguish us from our sources.

2. Try to keep links consistent. Link all ICANN related acronyms and link them throughout the entire article.

3. Take a moment to re-read the articles you've written. Again, you generally do a top-notch job but sometimes I feel like you may just not notice very simple grammar and formatting mistakes that a re-reading would help eliminate.

If there are any of these articles that you remember were copied verbatim from the source I'd love for you to take the time and try to work on putting the material into your own words. Thanks so much. We appreciate your help, and your great work and dedication mean we'll keep looking to work with you and improve the results. Be well, Andrew

New Example Section

In the community portal you will a section labeled "great people articles"; I've compiled an example of a great person article from each one of our writers, including you. Take a minute to reflect on why I chose this as your top work, the edits that have been made to it since you completed it; and please take a look at the other writers' articles, it may inspire you and help you make formatting and content decisions in the future. I certainly felt that I learned more just meticulously going through the articles. Again, thanks for all the good work- and keep us updated on your move to possible full-time employment. Be well, Andrew


To all writers: Can you start marking the very top of each and every page you work on with UNDER CONSTRUCTION, when Caterina, Ray, or myself have edited and checked off on the page we will remove it. Thanks! Andrew

UPDATE: We've created an image that will make the "Under Construction" process easier: Please insert [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] as the first text in every article you make. Thanks for putting up with the notes as we perfect this process. Be well, Stay in touch, Andrew


Hi, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina

Style Guidelines

I've been updating the Style Guidelines to specifically address issues that our new writers face, please take a look at it and let me know of any suggestions you have. Also I'd like to bring to all of our writers' attention the section on Forwarding Links:

"It is the writer's responsibility to wipe the old pages from icannwik.ORG and create links to the new icannwiki.COM. An example of this can be seen here. Explain in similar terms that the site is moving, that this particular article has been moved, and then point to it with a link. Something like: " is being moved to, this article has already been moved can can be found [(link) here]"."

Also, please take note of the rule below, it also addresses the procedure for wiping and linking from the old site that we will expect from everyone from now on. Thanks for you attention to this, we're trying to get a clearer system in place so please follow these new rules as you continue working. Thanks for your patience as we get this all systemized and explained! So,:

The wiped page should contain the disclaimer & link to the new site but it should also contain the category "" (with that exact spelling and capitalization). As you know, the formatting for this is: [[]]. This is the only category that the wiped pages need, it should no longer contain a "People" category. This will help us to track our progress of moving over the old site.

Company Template Changes

Hi writers,We've updated the Company template. Please make note of the changes, and pay attention to the specific formatting. We'd like the appearance of the template to be as standardized as possible. Do not delete empty fields, as they will not show up anyway. I have gone through all of the old company articles and changed them to the new template.

Thanks, Caterina