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Mike, welcome and thanks so much for your contributions! Question, I assume that the "Commercial and Business Constituency" is the same as the "Business Constituency", which should be the official title? Ray

Hi Ray! The official title is Commercial and Business Users Constituency (CBUC) but nobody blurts that mouthful out in real life. BC is what everybody says...  :-) --Oconnorstp 13:50, 20 March 2011 (PDT)

Ah, I've always been confused, thanks. I think I'll move the official title there and then make all of the other versions redirect to it Ray

I also put a pointer to Chris Chaplow's acronym-helper on the "Abbreviations" page. you may want to treat that as temporary and just yank the ones that are missing...

Yes, I saw that on this page and made it a bit clearer. That's great and should probably remain there. It's GREAT to have your help Ray