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Hi Sabrina, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina

Hola Sabrina, could you make links for every person in your previous batch and keep track of your current batch on your user page? Let me know if that doesn't make sense but first check another writer's page, such as this one. You can see every article you've worked on here. Thanks, this will make it easier for us to edit your work and make everyone's life better! Andrew

Touching Base

How are you doing? I haven't seen you on the site for awhile and see that you may be having trouble putting your user page together as I instructed above. I hope you're feeling well and can get on the site soon. Andrew

Style Guidelines

I've been updating the Style Guidelines to specifically address issues that our new writers face, please take a look at it and let me know of any suggestions you have. Also I'd like to bring to all of our writers' attention the section on Forwarding Links:

"It is the writer's responsibility to wipe the old pages from icannwik.ORG and create links to the new icannwiki.COM. An example of this can be seen here. Explain in similar terms that the site is moving, that this particular article has been moved, and then point to it with a link. Something like: " is being moved to, this article has already been moved can can be found [(link) here]"."

Also, please take note of the rule below, it also addresses the procedure for wiping and linking from the old site that we will expect from everyone from now on. Thanks for you attention to this, we're trying to get a clearer system in place so please follow these new rules as you continue working. Thanks for your patience as we get this all systemized and explained! So,:

The wiped page should contain the disclaimer & link to the new site but it should also contain the category "" (with that exact spelling and capitalization). As you know, the formatting for this is: [[]]. This is the only category that the wiped pages need, it should no longer contain a "People" category. This will help us to track our progress of moving over the old site.

Company Template Changes

Hi writers,We've updated the Company template. Please make note of the changes, and pay attention to the specific formatting. We'd like the appearance of the template to be as standardized as possible. Do not delete empty fields, as they will not show up anyway. I have gone through all of the old company articles and changed them to the new template.

Additionally, if you are writing an article about an organization (sometimes these are categorized as "glossary" or "company" to begin with), please use the company template when the organization has a logo. If it does not have a logo, you do not need to use the template.

Thanks, Caterina