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Hey Tara! We have to find that guy's other caricature ... the one that's mostly black and white and had red glasses :-) Ray Ok looking for it. Thanks :)

Checking articles

Hi, I am Ali, you have been checking my articles. I spoke to Ray that we will not include stubs in the articles of regular batches. So, I have changed my page a bit. I will put all the articles under the section "Working" while I am working on them. When I am done with the articles I will move them to section "Being Checked". When the editors check the articles, I will move the regular articles to a "batch" and the stubs to to the section "stub". I hope this is making sense. Let me know if you want to change it. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid

Sounds good! Thanks for the update! ~Tara

Your Page

How about a little work on this important page?