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Jacqueline, so great to see you here and thanks for updating your page (sorry we got the country wrong) :-) Please feel free to edit other areas of the site that you see can use improvement and we are here to help if you have any questions! Ray

Sure - it's cool. Of course, first question is why the move? and 2nd question is if you have the old caricatures? I had 4 others over the years, I think... triniwebdiva

We really wanted to improve the accuracy, completeness and neutrality of the articles and hence moving them takes a long time (probably about a year to complete it all). So we needed to keep the old and new sites available at the same time to make the move. This way we can gradually redirect the articles and also maintain the search engine awareness. On caricatures we're just trying to bring over one per person, but you've got one you like better just point us to it! Ray

That's great...I'm a little concerned about the amount of info you got (from LinkedIn?) but honestly it's a public profile, so it's fine. The thing about the caricatures is that I liked them, but I don't have them downloaded. If you still have the files, if you can email them to me, I'd be grateful. triniwebdiva

I was able to find one old caricature from the old site (now on your user page, click it twice to get to a good version to just drag/download to the desktop), the problem is we are wiping the old pages as we create new ones, so if there were others from the old site they may be well hidden. I'll talk to the others and see if they can't find more. Cheers. Andrew

Hi Andrew

Thanks - this was the first one done in Wellington - I got one other done in Wellington as I hated this one, then one each from Marrakech, Cairo, Paris at least. If you do find them, that would be great. If not, well... thanks for trying. triniwebdiva

I've found the rest of your caricatures and have posted them on your user page as well. Caterina

Yaay! Thanks much Caterina! triniwebdiva