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Organization: Eagle iLab
Region: Africa
Country: South Africa
Email: vinay [at]

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Blog: //
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Vinay Naran (eaglenaran) is an Entrepreneur and Investor in Africa. Vinay Naran designs great user experiences at and is also the founder of Eagle iLab. Vinay Naran[1] is a Google Certified Mobile Developer. Vinay is also a Google Adwords Seach Advertising Certified.

Career History

Internet Society Gauteng Executive Board (2013-2017) Eagle iLab (2015-present) First National Bank (FNB) (2015) Tuffias Sandburg Ksi (2012-2014) Africa Heritage Society (AHS) Corporate Heritage Africa

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Marketing and Communications, Internet Society South Africa Gauteng Chapter. Gauteng Internet Governance Forum Advisory South Africa Internet Governance Forum (ZAIGF) Marketing and communication