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Country: Albania
Email: vspahiu [at] gmail.com
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @vojo11

Vojo Spahiu has been a consultant with CII Albani, an ICT Institute, since 1999. He is the first ccTLD administrator for the national domain, .al.[1] He is now based in Milan, Italy, though before transferring Italy, Mr. Spahiu had been the CTO and Deputy Director of the Albanian incumbent telecommunications operator, Albtelecom.[2][3] He is currently a Senior ICT Consultant with Omega Sistemi Informativi.

Vojo Spahiu has been a member of the International College of AFNIC since 1998.

Mr. Spahiu speaks Albanian, Italian, French, and English, and is somewhat proficient in Russian.[4]

Career History

Vojo Spahiu was largely involved with academia at the beginning of his career, which included time as a Computer Graphics and System Engineer at the National Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (INIMA), and also as a Lecturer of Computer Sciences at Tirana University, Albania, from 1983 until 1997.[5][6]

His experience includes time as a Senior Board Member of the Albanian Telecommunication and Postal authority, where he became the first ccTLD technical administrator and was able to design and implement national IT policies. He has founded and acted as CEO of a private company, Albania Wavnet Communication, which involved managing and utilizing American government financing. Mr. Spahiu has held a number of consultant positions.[7]


Mr. Spahiu studied Computer Graphics and Operating Systems at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy after earning bachelor and master degrees in Special (Nuclear) Physics at Tirana University, Albania.[8]