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Contact ICANNWiki Are you an advancer, energizer, evaluator, or harmonizer?
Advancer Energizer Evaluator Harmonizer
The Description... Advancers focus on tasks, achieving results, and taking action. Their communication is direct, sometimes even brusque. They are goal-oriented sometimes to the point of impatience. Energizers are full of energy, personality, and optimism. They are the ultimate 'people' people. They are happiest when focused on future ideas and plans. They love to start new projects. Evaluators focus on quality, precision, and accuracy. They are organized and value correctness, prudence, and objectivity. They are methodical and process-oriented. Harmonizers value people, relationships, stability, and harmony. They want to help people be successful and happy. Their favored approaches are consensus and mediation.
The Ask... Tell us about your aspirations and desired outcomes; let's work together where our goals overlap Brainstorm with us about areas for improvement and development, reveal new solutions to old problems With your keen eye, make ICW the best it can be: help us find and fix content and website issues Help us make the team feel appreciated and supported at ICW and on social media
The Opportunities...
are endless
Align your personal and professional goals Build new connections Correct mistakes Celebrate ICW veterans and newbies
Shape the future of ICW Build new portals and hubs Clean up messy grammar, sentences, sections, pages Recruit among your peers
Lead community-inspired collaborations Develop new programs Add or verify references Organize a helpline
Spotlight important issues Seek out new topics Address omissions Design an insider's guide for newcomers
Form a team to champion a cause that you care about Think of new objectives, strategies, interpretations Find and list gold standards for popular, legal, academic, and/or technical sources Engage in community building
Define and achieve outcomes (Re)design ICW's site Review and evaluate ICW methods and processes Expand and enhance accessibility of ICW
Contact ICANNWiki Most people fit into at least two of these categories but choose to lead in one way more often than the others.[1] Whatever your leadership style, ICANNWiki needs your help to ensure that everyone has a voice in the future of the internet. Join us!