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Country: USA
Email: Wael@comdots.co

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Wael Nasr is SVP at WiseDots LL and TLDVILLA LLC based in LA California. Wael has previously worked as Business Development Director at i-DNS.net and a researcher at Stanford University and Applied Materials.

Wael Nasr is a Bahrain Citizen originally Egyptian.

Education and Career

Mr. Nasr graduated from Stanford University with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science among other degrees. He then started working on IDN technology in the year 1999 and tested the first Arabic IDN domain name ever between Egypt and Singapore in the year 2000.

He has since then been working on the standardization and commercial aspects for Arabic TLDs and lead-authored some of the key RFCs addressing the linguistic and technical aspects of Arabic IDN. Mr. Nasr was the vice-chairman of the Arabic Internet Naming consortium under King Abdullah Al Hashimi of Jordan. He also worked with Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch PCAST Member (Under George Push), The Minister of Telecom of Egypt, and Kevin Wilson ex-CFO of ICANN during the course of this work. He was behind some of the Arabic gTLD launches recently. Mr. Nasr is currently working on projects stressing the interface between TLD Platforms and different industries such as Telecom, Banking and e-Government. One of the key projects in progress is Arabic Email Technology.

Mr. Nasr is a Board Member of the Middle East Internet Forum. He is also a Member of the Arabic IDN working group at ICANN and represents ALAC with the IDN implementation Guidelines ICANN committee.


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