Yawri Carr Quirós

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Affiliation: University of Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica

Biographical Information

Yawri studies Law at University of Costa Rica and International Business and Trade at National University of Costa Rica and has a great interest in leadership, communities and social entrepreneurship.

ICANN & Internet Governance

Yawri attended firstly an ICANN meeting as a NextGen at the ICANN62 Policy Forum for Latin America, held in Panama City, Panama during 25th to 28th June, 2018. She's currently working at IPANDETEC, as a Costa Rica representative, an organization that promotes the use and regulation of ICT and the defense of Human Rights in the digital environment, through analysis, advocacy, research, and legislative monitoring of Internet public policies in Central America.

She is also a member of ISOC (Internet Society) Costa Rica Chapter, and has done online courses regarding Internet Governance.

Work Experience

She has also worked in her city's local government as part of the Youth Council, and has also worked as a volunteer at TECHO Costa Rica, TETO Brasil and NGO'S in Brazil teaching english and ICT's usage.

She has worked at University of Sao Paulo's ENACTUS team. ENACTUS is the biggest organization for social entrepreneuship worldwide. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, the students take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be a part of their own success. Enactus work transforms both the lives of the people served, and in turn, the lives of the students as they develop into more effective, values-driven leaders,