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A RALO is a Regional At-Large Organization within ICANN.


There are five RALOs worldwide, which are: EURALO (European Region), APRALO (Asia-Pacific Region), AFRALO (African Region), NARALO (North American Region), and LACRALO (Latin American and Caribbean Region). The RALOs are made up of At-Large Structures, and serve as the main forum and coordination point for each region regarding public input to ICANN. They each select two of their members to represent them as part of ALAC.[1]

The purpose of a RALO is to be an entity that facilitates the informed participation of individual Internet users via local ALSes with openness, participatory opportunities, transparency, accountability, and diversity in its structure and procedures. A RALO must consist of at least 3 ALSes from at least 2 different countries. Member ALSes must be from within the geographical region and must be certified to meet the requirements of the RALO's MoU. Each RALO must come up with an MoU, that is to be posted publicly to ALAC for comments before finalization.[2]


  1. Keep the regional internet user community informed about the significant news from ICANN
  2. Distribute, in languages appropriate for its region, news about policy development in ICANN
  3. Promote outreach activities in the regional communities
  4. Develop and maintain ongoing information and education programs in the region
  5. Make public and analyze ICANN's proposed policies and decisions, and their potential regional impact
  6. Offer online discussion mechanisms to members of ALSes in its region
  7. Establish mechanisms that enable two-way communication between members of ALSes in its region and those involved in ICANN decision-making, so interested individuals may share their views on pending issues.
  8. RALOs and ALSes must participate in periodic reviews (at an annual minimum), regarding their contribution to the ALAC charter and their fostering of informed participation of individual Internet users in ICANN[3]


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