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Industry: Internet governance

European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO) is the RALO for the European region, and is one of five that make up the ALAC constituency of ICANN. It provides news, information, and resources for individuals and end-user groups in the European region who are interested in ICANN and shaping the future of the internet.[1]

EURALO Board & Officers

EURALO Officers

Position Name ALS/Location Term(s) Comments
Chair Olivier Crepin Leblond France/United Kingdom 2017 AGM- 2019 AGM

2015AGM  - 2017AGM


Re- elected

Secretariat Olawale Bakare United Kingdom 2017 AGM- 2019 AGM Selected


MEMBER Country
Roberto Gaetano  Italy
Yrjö Länsipuro  Finland
*Erich Schweighofer  Austria
Annette Mühlberg  Germany
Jean-Jacques Subrenat  France

ALAC Members

RALO Member RALO/NomCom Result Term
EURALO Joanna Kulesza NomCom Selected 2018AGM-2020AGM
EURALO  *Bastiaan Goslings RALO Elected 2016AGM-2018AGM


EURALO Sebastien Bachollet RALO Elected and re-elected 2015AGM-2017AGM

2017 AGM- 2019 AGM

Nominating Committee (NomCom) Delegate from EURALO

Erich Schweighofer AGM 2018 - AGM 2019

Other RALOs


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