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4u.com logo.JPG
Industry: Internet, Domain Name Regisry
Headquarters: Dallas Texas
Country: USA
Products: list
Website: http://www.4U.com
Key People
Herman Koster, CEO


4U.com is a new marketing channel for businesses created by 4U Systems, Inc., a company based in Dallas, Texas expert in providing personalized domain name.

4U is an easy to recall two-digit character added to the .com TLD to create a unique, eye-catching and effective for individuals or companies having a hard time finding a special domain name to boost their brand name or trade mark.

Herman KOster, CEO of 4U Systems, Inc. believe that 4U.com is the answer to the problem. 4U.com is an innovative marketing strategy enabling businesses to advertise their products with personal touch to consumers.Companies can use 4U.com as a redirect extension to their main website or as a promotional extended site. This technique will add positive impact to their brand name or trademark.[1]

Neustar provides back-end registry services for all third-level 4U.com domain names including SRS, DNS, billing and customer support.[2]

Encirca is the domain name registrar for 4U.com.


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