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Hey marie! I'm an editor for the site... it seems your trying to figure out how to work the site. Please use my talk/discussion page if you need to ask any questions. But for starters it seems you mean to be placing that information regarding .jobs on a page other than you own user page. Your user page is for information pertaining to you!

So to create a new page you fill in the end of the URL with the desired new page. so, for example, you want to create a page for Apple you would enter into your address bar, and then the desired page directly after the last backspace so it would read: you then have the option to create the page, (by entering text).. so you can then import the business template by copying and pasting from here.. and then let me know what questions come up next! Andrew

Hi Andrew Thanks for your assistance. My questions is, How to link the page for example to ICANN?

Hi Marie, I'm another of the editors. You can link to internal pages like this: [[article name]], like [[ICANN]]. If you want to make the link read something different than the article name, it's like this: [[ICANN|Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers]] Caterina Edit - kind of hard to see, but that's a | between ICANN and the full name.


Okay, I'm going to make some sytlistic changes to your article you should take note of. Also, could you start the article off with a strong definition of .EU ADR, what that stands for, and what it is. As it is now I'm confused how it is related to EURid, and the CAC. Thanks, be in touch Andrew

Referencing needs to be addressed as well. Look at the edit page for any article and you will see how this is done. generally speaking, after the period of the sentence that needs to be you have to put in ref tags. which read like this:

"This statement needs to be referenced".<ref>[ The Reference]</ref>

so the ref tags on either side enclose the source inside of brackets, the space between the site and "The reference" is nec. to provide a shorthand for the reference, in this way the shorthand "The Reference" will replace in the reflist.

The reflist is then introduced under the References section that is written: {{reflist}}

This may have been very confusing so it might just help to look at a few random pages and to mess around with it on your .EU ADR page. Andrew

Further Edits

So as I work through your article I'm going to keep a list going of edits I'm making and why, this way you'll catch on to our goals for the site much quicker. Please check out the "View History" tab on the top of the page for .EU ADR, that way you can see how the article changed to get to its current state.

-In general bolding should be used to highlight the term at the beginning of the article, it is not needed that much afterwards. Sometimes they are helpful in lists though, which you used in the list of people that are a part of the CAC board. In this instance though, the people should be internally linked using a double bracket on each side (i.e., [[ICANN]] because we want to build the site, and having new people linked in will allow us to eventually create pages for them. Bolding would have been the right decision if it were a list of an individual's previous position or something that doesn't have any need to be linked but should stand out.

-In the above referencing tips I used "The reference" as an example, I didn't mean for you to actually copy those terms! So, your reference for <ref>[ The Reference]</ref> shouldn't look like that but should instead look like <ref>[]</ref> note the difference: I put in a shorthand version of the site (, this will be the term that appears as a clickable link the the reference section, that way you don't have 'The Reference" as your link, or the whole URL "" but instead have an accurate shorthand- Also, don't forget to create a references section and then use {{reflist}} to automatically create the list - that is, you don't have to add the references in the bottom because if you do the right wiki citations it will create the list for you!

-You're going to need to add a few more references. Statements such as "The CAC was established in 1949 under the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic located in Prague" need to be back up by a reference, it is clear that this information goes above and beyond basic knowledge and as an author you need to let the reader know where you're drawing your information from.

-I removed the bold in your headers and changed them from 3rd level to 2nd level (==Header Example==) this is just how every article has been written before, so while it may seem arbitrary it will help the site retain the same overall aesthetic. Though I did use a third level heading for the last section, "The CAC Advisory Board" because it fits in nicely as a subset of the previous section "The CAC", both aesthetically and thematically.

SO! while I know this has been a process for you, after take a stab at fixing the references in the article already, and adding a few more where necessary, this article can then be considered complete. Thanks so much, and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it very soon!Please write on my Discussion page if you have any questions, it can be found by clicking my linked name. Andrew

Thank you for all the information and assistance, yes it's been a process for me but because of your help I'm getting the hang of it and hopefully I'd be able to upload more articles soon. Again thank you very much.


Please keep track of the articles you have worked on our completed in the Articles Needed section, I have created a section for you to make a list of all the articles you work on and complete. To get there: Click "Community Portal" in the lefthand column, you will then see a link for "Articles Needed", scrolling down you will find your section. This is also where I will mark out what edits need to be done to each article. I have placed the two articles you've worked on there, along with the edits that need to be finished. Ask me any questions by going to my Talk/Discussion page. Thanks Andrew

Also, The photos you are attempting to work don't work because it isn't enough to link the URL of the photo. You must save and upload the photo. The easiest way to do this is to do a screenshot of the image (command+shift+4 with macs, search for instructions for PC), when you have a saved file of the image, you upload it to the site using the "upload file" link under the toolbox on the lefthand side, be sure to name the file ".Music" logo, or something to differentiate it from all other files.


Marie, please don't roll back or cancel my edits without contacting me. I had edited out some information from the .nz Registry article for a reason, either it was basic and unnecessary or otherwise not what we generally look for in the article. I also make linking and wording choice for a reason. If you feel that any of my edits are detrimental to your overall article please use my talk page to discuss it with me. But, as the editor, I will make executive decisions regarding word and content choice, and I do not mean to offend you or your work but it is important that I am allowed to do this. Andrew

Hi Andrew I am sorry, I am not aware that I cancelled or roll back your editing, I was working earlier on the logo because I saw your note that picture needs to be fixed. I am not offended if you edit my articles and make necessary changes, I expect that especially that I am still learning most of the technical terms. I did not made any changes on the wording of the .nz Registry article today, just the logo. I am so sorry...


To all writers: Can you start marking the very top of each and every page you work on with UNDER CONSTRUCTION, when Caterina, Ray, or myself have edited and checked off on the page we will remove it. (just copy and paste that wiki code which starts and ends with "span" in after the template) Thanks! Andrew

UPDATE: We've created an image that will make the "Under Construction" process easier: Please insert [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] as the first text in every article you make. Thanks for putting up with the notes as we perfect this process. Be well, Stay in touch, Andrew


TAG-org refers to Talal Abu Ghazaleh Consulting Co. as AGCON and TAGCON. The main website's ( About US page refer to it as TAGCON.Mr. Talal Abugazaleh's personal page refer to it as AGCON.

Cool, maybe just go with AGCON but note that it is aka as TAGCON. Also, if you use my talk page (Clicking on my name then my Discussion tab) I would be notified of your comments, It's hit or miss whether I will see them on your page!

You're writing has been stellar, and I can tell you're picking up the Wiki formatting- I hope that after I return from the ICANN conference (March 12-18th) we can have a Skype session to go over anything that still doesn't make sense. With a few tips you'll quickly become a top contributor. Be in touch! Andrew

Could you please keep your section of the Articles needed page updated? Let me know if this doesn't make sense to you, but basically every time you create a new article add it to the list under your name that I have been managing for you. It's hard for me to stay on top of every article you do, and this way we have constant and convenient access to them. Hope things are well! Andrew


No Problem :)

RE: Your Questions

Hola, just getting back to the site after a busy week at the conference and a long weekend. I'll look into your questions shortly, I just wanted you to know that I saw your questions today and will work on getting back to you. Sorry about the delay! Andrew

Technical Difficulties

Can you run a test? Can you try and insert in an external link to a given page, try it on my page: Andrew Merriam, and just insert a link to any external site. You should get the "captcha" box where you type in some garbled words to prove your a human being and then the link should go through. Does this work for you? Can you see the captcha box? One of our writers is not able to see the captcha box so if you could please run this test asap and get back to me on my talk page that'd be great. Thanks! Andrew


Hi Marie, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina

Editing Batch

Hi Marie, I have begun to edit your batch,and other workers may join in as well. I will keep a running list of general points to take note of for future reference. This way, for your next batch you'll be able to avoid some of the same mistakes.

  1. Often times your photos end up small, I think this is because the long, horizontal ones don't size well. Look at, it's a very long logo and gets sized poorly. Try changing to a more compact logo whenever possible, for example, make the logo image for just a snapshot of the blue earth symbol instead of the whole banner.
  2. We have categories that belong at the bottom of the page: the ones relevant for your batch are:

Companies, Registrars, Registries, Constituencies, Working Groups, Associations, Organizations. If you have questions between the differences between them I can help with that. But say your doing a page for a company, at the very bottom you would add the following wikicode: [[Category: Companies]]

  1. We use a neutral point of view here, which means we aren't recommending certain companies or saying that their services are "groundbreaking"/"industry leaders"/generally better than any other services unless we have third party sources that say as much. That is, they could very well be industry leaders but this has to be attested to by the rest of the industry and not just their own site. Please bear this in mind.
  2. Something that goes hand-in-hand with the above point: try as hard as you can to bring in sources outside of the company. That is, using only the company website for the info is the worst possible scenario. If there is nothing else available, then by all means rely on that site, but try to cast a wide net. (The articles are still looking good overall though!)
  3. Also, please don't sign your articles with your username, this is a wiki and even the writer can't claim the article as solely their own as it is likely to undergo contributions from other people. That is what your user page is for, keeping track of all your articles there is a good way of building a writing portfolio here.
  4. A note on internal linking: it's very important to internally link, it helps us identify where we need to build the site. Please internally link all key people. However, you want the links to be consistent. In one article you link "Mr. Jim Bezos", this is not a good link because we are not going to build a page with the title MR included - but here's a cool trick: If you want to make the link say one thing and lead to a different page then you separate the actual page from the desired wording with a straight bar (shift+\) = | , that is, you could link Mr. Jim Bezos to the right page, just Jim Bezos, like this: [[Jim Bezos|Mr.Jim Bezos]]. This is cool because you can switch up how you word things but always lead to the right page. Like if you want to say the "Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers" because you keep using ICANN too much, you could: [[ICANN|Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers]]. Hope that makes sense!
  5. Always have an eye on ICANN... You're article for is awesome, really well developed, really well written, almost comprehensive enough for the site. You go above on beyond with its history, which is great- it makes for an interesting read.However, there is nothing about ICANN in the article at all. Which may be the case, maybe has had very little interaction with ICANN, and nothing that can be found. (I just searched a bit for news related to ICANN and Amazon and found nothing, so in this case no ICANN section is fine)..but please always try to connect the articles to the company's interaction with ICANN whenever possible.
  6. Consistency is key for linking, as mentioned above. Creating links for "Mr. Talal Abu Gazaleh", "Talal Abu-Gazaleh", and "Talal Abugazaleh" will all lead to different places, use that aforementioned trick of internal linking to be able to switch up how you say the name while still creating the same consistent link.

Done Editing

Great work on that batch, your thoroughness is really noted and appreciated.. I'm compiling your batch and leaving the articles that need one more thing below. Thanks for being so responsive during the editing process as well. Andrew

  • In the future can you allow me to compile and collapse your batch? I appreciate that you are keeping up on your own page and keeping it looking good, but in this case it is important that I can follow the entire editing process and make sure that I explained the editing issues well and they were addressed by you. I trust you did a good job. Thanks. Andrew


Style Guidelines

I've been updating the Style Guidelines to specifically address issues that our new writers face, please take a look at it and let me know of any suggestions you have. Also I'd like to bring to all of our writers' attention the section on Forwarding Links:

"It is the writer's responsibility to wipe the old pages from icannwik.ORG and create links to the new icannwiki.COM. An example of this can be seen here. Explain in similar terms that the site is moving, that this particular article has been moved, and then point to it with a link. Something like: " is being moved to, this article has already been moved can can be found [(link) here]"."

Also, please take note of the rule below, it also addresses the procedure for wiping and linking from the old site that we will expect from everyone from now on. Thanks for you attention to this, we're trying to get a clearer system in place so please follow these new rules as you continue working. Thanks for your patience as we get this all systemized and explained! So,:

The wiped page should contain the disclaimer & link to the new site but it should also contain the category "" (with that exact spelling and capitalization). As you know, the formatting for this is: [[]]. This is the only category that the wiped pages need, it should no longer contain a "People" category. This will help us to track our progress of moving over the old site.

Company Template Changes

Hi writers,We've updated the Company template. Please make note of the changes, and pay attention to the specific formatting. We'd like the appearance of the template to be as standardized as possible. Do not delete empty fields, as they will not show up anyway. I have gone through all of the old company articles and changed them to the new template.

Thanks, Caterina

List of Companies

Marie, I've asked Andrew to follow up with you to figure out what to do with those, thanks for letting me know Ray

Missing Companies

Hi, Ray forwarded me the problems you were having. So, if the company no longer exits - either because it has been purchased or because it went out of business then it is no longer a priority for the site. How many companies do you need to complete your batch thus far? I will provide you with some replacement articles. Sorry about sending you duplicates, it's been a slightly messy process trying to not send the same company to multiple people. Thanks for calling our attention to these issues!!! Andrew

Below you will find 10 companies, Please send me back the extras you do not do. I'm giving you extras in case some of these also already have pages/ no longer exist. I think the fact that ESoftWhiz lost its ICANN accreditation is interesting, go ahead and create an article for them and highlight who they were, what happened, and how ICANN intervened and carried the transfer out. Thanks!

  1. Thought Convergence
  3. TooBaRoo
  4. Verizon
  5. VeryMark

Iron Mountain

Ah! we already have a page for them. You can stop working on the one you are currently working on. I'm going to clean up the future batches so this isn't a reoccurring problem. Andrew


Great! I'll begin editing today. Andrew

Upload Problems

Yes, so sorry, we are just encountering the same ourselves and are looking into it. I think it's because we just upgraded to a new version of MediaWiki so we need to get with the dev folks. Please bear with us, thanks Ray


Great work on your last batch, the patience and thoroughness you demonstrated on the longer articles was AWESOME! I've cleared you for payment. There remain few, minor issues for you to clear up - and I have yet to re-check the articles I already asked you to work on again. I know you'll continue to participate in the little editing that is left to do. I hope you are interested in another batch. Once again, great work. Andrew

New Batch

On your user page you will find a new batch, it is not quite 50 articles- I will soon identify another few articles to bring it to an even 50, and, as always, should the company seem irrelevant or if there is little info I will provide you with replacements. Thanks for your continued work with the site!Andrew

Same Articles

Hey Marie! Nice to see you here. There is a little problem with the articles we are doing. I saw you have a list of companies you are planning to do on your user page. Please add templates to them so that there are no clashes again as in MCI and ModernDomainer. I added templates to them as I did not know you were doing the same. I would delete these articles from my page happily but please make sure you add templates to other you plan to do as I cannot check your page every time I am going to create an article. Regards Tehreem

and please remove Name Administration Inc. from your list as I have already written an article on it.

That duplicate articles problem can be overcome easily. Just create blank pages for the companies assigned to you. That way you won't get a problem with any other user. Nice talking to you. Tehreem

Photo Uploader

Attn: The photo uploader is now working. Andrew


I am reworking the assigned batches to eliminate duplicates. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep you updated as I make any significant changes to your assignment. If you don't have enough articles I am in the process of completing your list. Andrew

Thanks. Whenever someone doesn't exist anymore just don't make a page, this is bound to happen, but the old site will be cleared off soon! Andrew


As you come to the end of you batch please let me know how many replacements you need, it seems like 2 at this point. Andrew On your user page!, thanks Andrew

Great! I will begin editing them today. Andrew Given that you had an article you marked as "no info available", I deleted it and placed a replacement at the bottom of your batch, it's IEEE

I'm going to clear you for payment with Ray, but I'm trusting you will finish the few edits that remain; one of which should be significant. I think the .com page could really use quite a bit more information. Let me know how that goes, and if there is any more help/direction you need. After which, will you be available for another batch? Andrew

Batch 3

Is on your user page! Get started whenever you're ready. Thanks for coming back for more! Andrew

Also, GREAT job on expanding the .com article; exactly the kind of history I was hoping for. Keep up the good work on the next batch! Andrew

Ha, I forgot you've always worked on companies. The batch I gave you is obviously a mixed bag of people, companies, terms, etc. I have so much faith in you I forgot to mention that! You can't create a caricature for the people. You should be able to insert this placeholder image file though: CaricatureComing.jpg - let me know if you have further questions regarding the randomness of the batch. Andrew

We're Back

Back from the ICANN Singapore conference. Thanks for addressing the issues that the spammer caused (by deleting your and other pages), I will be giving you replacement articles shortly. Keep in touch. Hope all is well. Andrew

Great! Please be patient as we are still finishing up some work from Singapore and also have some other editing to be done. Thanks for your hard work, and keep checking our editing progress on the site. Andrew

I just noticed that there were duplicated on your page; ISPCP and WLS. You must've noticed this as well...? Andrew

understood; I know it can get messy and I apologize that I did not notice that earlier. Your articles are REALLY awesome thus far, thanks again for all the obvious hard work and dedication, I hope to finish editing by Friday. Cheers, Andrew

You did a great job on your most recent batch, and there are very few edits left that I'd like you to address. Thanks again for such a great job. As soon as those last edits are taken care of I will authorize your payment, I will also be contacting you in the next few days regarding a new batch/project. Be well, Andrew

Once again, great job and thank you. I hope you can do another batch and I hope you continue to do outstanding work. I have cleared you for payment with Ray. Andrew

i'm working on it now, I will have it to you within the next day. Andrew

Batch 5

I've posted a new batch to your page, it is a variety batch - it includes people, glossary terms, companies, associations, etc. You've been very good about identifying and categorizing the articles, and working on a variety of different things.. I hope the different types of articles are okay, and of course let me know if I can help in any way. Ray will be opening a project for you on eLance shortly. Thanks! Andrew

Hi Marie, just wanted to let you know that I've made a few changes to your next batch. Please let me or Andrew know if you have any questions about the new additions. Thanks for all your hard work. Caterina

Writer Update Re: Refs

Hola, I hope all is well. I would like to notify you that from this point forward we would like you to cite references slightly differently. The only thing we would like you to change is how you name the reference. Before, we would just name it after the URL so would be labelled as "". Now, we would like you to label the reference after the actual title of the article or page and not the URL. So that same reference would instead read "ICANN Singapore Meeting"... Does this make sense? Please continue to reference all material, but when naming the source within the <ref> brackets make sure to name the reference after its actual content as opposed to its URL location.

No need to fix old articles. But from now on please follow this rule. Please let me know if this is unclear. Andrew


Please do not use as a source. It is a satirical, joke site that does parodies of domain news. The news itself is fake. Thanks, Andrew

For Future Reference

FYI- We are no longer being as specific regarding the distinction in ICANN's many parts.. that is, we are no longer using "constituencies" "organizations" "working groups" as categories pertaining to ICANN. Instead, if it is an embedded part of ICANN's structure we are marking it as "ICANN Body".. Thanks for switching to the new system whenever you come across an applicable page. Andrew

Hi Marie, we forgot to mention this earlier, but when you tag something as "ICANN Bodies," please go to the category page here and also add it to the top structure outline (in alphabetical order). Thanks! Caterina


Hi Marie. I've started editing Batch 5, but it's possible that that won't get finished until we get back from the conference in Senegal. I've also started compiling a Batch 6 for you on your page, feel free to start it whenever you like. We may end up exchanging some items on the list for others, just so you know. Thanks, Caterina

Email addresses

Hi Marie, I noticed on your last batch that you forgot to replace the @ sign with [at] in several email addresses. Please make sure you do not overlook this. Bots can scan websites for email addresses (they look for the @ symbol) to send email spam to, and we do not want anyone to receive spam because of our articles. Thanks! Caterina

Editing Batch 5

Thanks for the update. I'm still wrapping up some business related to ICANN Dakar, but I also now have time to help edit your articles. We hope to have this done very soon, and I will be dedicating the next few days to working on it. Of course, we'll be in contact as the editing process progresses. Ray is going to create a batch 6 for you on eLance. Thanks so much for your continued great work and dedication. Andrew

Great, thank you! Caterina

Batch 6

Hi Marie, Andrew and I have decided to add some new articles to your batch (CRIDO, NPOC, CADNA, Manwin, and Bob Liodice), as these are currently in the news a lot, and as such are important. I took off several of the people from lower down in the batch, sorry you've already had to make the pages and templates for them. I also did a little reorganizing of the batch, so that these important articles are next in line for you. Thanks! Caterina

I would say that 18-25 are most important right now, in the order that they are listed. Caterina

I've added two more articles to the bottom of your "important" list. They are SOPA and PIPA, and have also been in the news a lot lately. Really appreciate your work on all these! Caterina

Great, thanks Marie! We'll get to them as soon as we can. Caterina

Thanks for letting me know, this is a top priority! Andrew

We've started editing your articles, and we have also begun creating a list for a Batch 7, assuming that you are interested. Let me know. The list can be found here. Feel free to start if you'd like, or also to wait until we are able to edit and reimburse you for your last batch. Andrew

You'll note that we dispersed payment for Batch 6 even though we have yet to finish the editing; we didn't want to keep you waiting and knew that we could trust you to continue to work with us on any editing that comes up for that batch. We also opened up a new project on eLance for Batch 7 for you to accept. THANKS, and as always, it's a pleasure with working with someone as capable and professional as yourself. Andrew

TLD Template

Hey, we just created a TLD template, so please switch this out on the TLDs you've recently done (.me, .jobs) and use it from here on out. Sorry we didn't get this to you sooner. It's here. Andrew

String contention only applies to NEW gTLD applicants, when there are more than one applicant for say .africa for example. So it does not apply in either case here (I don't believe you have yet worked on any page for a new gTLD).. .me can be classified as a ccTLD or Open ccTLD, and also a gTLD. Andrew

Finished Batch

Thanks so much for working so quickly, and being so honest as well! I have replaced the duplicate article with .green on your user page. We really appreciate your hard work here, and of course we'd be happy to get another batch ready for you whenever you'd like. First, a few things. We are traveling to ICANN 43 in Costa Rica (yes! sunshine!) this weekend. We will be working there for a week, and then we are also taking some time off after that. Thus, we will begin editing your articles this week, but if we don't finish them this week then it will likely be about a month before we are able to complete the editing 100%. Given that you have proven yourself as a trustworthy and responsive worker time and time again I will plan on paying you for your completed batch before we leave for Costa Rica, regardless of how far we are in the editing process. I don't think it's fair for you to wait a month to be paid for your work. With that said, we will certainly push to get your articles done this week.

As for a new batch, we could put a batch together and you could start whenever you like. Given that we have Costa Rica coming up and some vacation time, it could be a good time to take a break if you'd like to - but we certainly have plenty of things for you to do, and as always you get to work at your own pace as long as you continue to provide such high-quality work.

If you'd like another batch, we'd like to put together a batch of a different sort. Our to do list has gotten too long, and what I'd like to do is to make a batch made up of these edits that would be equal to your current level of work and payment. That is, instead of building entirely new pages, you'd be adding information to and editing existing articles. When these were big edits, then we'd count that as 1 "new" article, but since some of these edits are quick and small then maybe it would take 2 of those edits to equal one new article. Does that make sense? Of course, I always try to be fair with you and would welcome your input if an edit seemed particularly involved but hadn't been marked as a "big edit". Thus, while the list would end up being 50+ edits, it would be made to reflect the same amount of work as a 50 item batch and be reimbursed at the same level.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this, and if you have any preference or ideas about how to put together the next batch, which I hope you are interested in!

Thanks again, Andrew

Batch 8

I've broken up Batch 8 into bigger edits, which seemingly involve updates to 1+ pages that compare to the amount of work you do on a given page now. You generally write and are compensated for big articles, and given that we don't have many big articles that need to be written from scratch we need to try out this new system. The second section is for smaller edits, I'm working off the assumption that one smaller edit is equal to 1/2 the work of a normal article for you, this will obviously vary somewhat. Still, I have left room in the batch (37 small articles / 2 = 18.5 18.5+20 = 38.5) as this formula is obviously not perfect and I am unsure how the work will compare for you. I may add a few more things to the batch if it seems like this is not quite comparable to a 50 article batch, but I would appreciate your feedback in helping me understand how the work compares. I feel like we've always been very fair to one another, so please just let me know if a small edit is actually quite a lot of work, or if a big edit turns out to be very easy.

I'm very glad you'll be helping us stay current and working off our big to-do list. Thanks!

Also, I will pay via eLance and create a new job before Friday. I hope this works for you. I have intentionally put the edits to be done to the ICANN page and other important pages (verisign) at the end of the list as I would prefer they are not being worked on while ICANN 43 is going on in Costa Rica.



Great Job

I've been noting your progress and consistent work and I just want to say thank-you. You're doing an awesome job, and I really appreciate your adaptability and ability to help us with these new updates. How is the project going for you?

We've been having a hard time finding other good writers from vWorker. If you ever thought you knew someone that would like a similar job to yours I'd be interested in hearing about that recommendation. We'll continue to have consistent work for you for the foreseeable future, so I hope you continue to enjoy the work and benefits.

Best, Andrew

Batch 9

Awesome! Thanks so much for taking that initiative with the TAS updates. As I'm sure you can tell, we're pretty busy with managing new gTLD projects, regrouping from out last ICANN meeting, and preparing for the next one. Because of this we won't be able to edit your work immediately. I feel comfortable doing this given that I trust that your edits are good and that you are honestly completing the work; I hope to have time to look at some of it soon to give you a sense of how many, if any, further edits will be needed. Given that your last batch was a lot more updates than new pages I believe that all the relevant information is more clearly pointed to. So thanks, again, for your hard work and initiative.

I will begin to put a Batch 9 together, and clear you for payment for Batch 8. Batch 9 will start out with just updates related to New gTLDs (building pages for new extensions and new gTLD companies, and updating existing ones.) (The template for TLDs can be found here.) This list will all be "small" edits, except for possibly the ICM related pages. I will move them to your page now, and then when those are completed I'll decide if I want to keep you working on new gTLDs or have you do other Work to Do, so just let me know when that happens.

Great! I'm always glad to have you writing for us. Good luck with the next batch,


It would be great if you could go down through our new tld applicants page, which is linked off our main page, and create a page for any red link. These will be tld strings, applicants, and words like "string contention". Please keep track of them on your page, and sort them as large or small edits how you see fit. Thanks. Andrew


Thanks for getting started on the new batch, please continue focusing on the new gTLD page on any red links. This is a huge help to us as we prepare for the big "reveal day" in two weeks, when all of the new gTLD applicants are made public. We would love to have you help us on reveal day to process the information in the system, we are still trying to figure out how we will handle the work, but this will be a time-based job, given that we need to publish the information as soon as possible. Think about it and I will let you know more as I know more.

We hope to tackle editing for your new gtld work this week.

BEST, Andrew

new updates

I'm adding a section for updates to be done asap, please make these your priority when you are working. Thanks! I'll update re: reveal day soon. Andrew

Great work on the Banking stuff, please make any changes you can/let me know if I need to move or delete any pages. Andrew

Important new edits

Hi Marie, can you update (and create) all relevant pages with this press release and these bios as soon as possible? Thanks! Caterina

How have you been keeping track of the important new edits? Let's do this on your page somehow so we can parse between big/small and make sure it keeps going towards your current payment. Andrew

Great, thanks for the update. Andrew

I'll look at this soon. Andrew

New TLD pages

Hi Marie! Andrew and I are going to start editing your articles on the new gTLDs. One thing we've noticed so far is that you're often filling out the template for one or more applicants. Take a look at .abogado and .adult for how we want the template to look. .adult is also a good example for the organization of the whole page. Also, don't forget to include the TLD category at the bottom of the page. If I notice anything else, I'll let you know. Thanks! Caterina

Great ideas and good initiative, your instincts for organization keep getting better! I'll be contacting you soon about how to approach all the work for reveal day, in case you didn't see here is the list. Crazy stuff. Andrew

AWESOME WORK! I love that you've started to fix the TLD pages so they have all current applicants. Great. Andrew That's exactly the right course. I'll let you continue to work down the list of contested TLDs, while I clean up some other things. Please use number tags #, instead of bullets when listing applicants. Thx.

I really like the page for .fyi, the writing and formatting are both good. We're close to finishing all the contention articles so keep them like this. Andrew

Please don't use the term "nice TLD" we are moving away from it, a good intro is just ".example is a new gTLD proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program". Thanks Andrew

Marie, lately some of your articles have been requiring more grammatical editing so I would like to move you off actual writing for the time being. I can provide some more detailed and thorough feedback once I have time to go through some of the articles in question. I have a different job for you, but it involves using GoogleDocs, have you ever done this?Andrew


Please stop writing for the time being, I have caught up on some of your editing and over the next few days I'll have a better handle on a new project for you. I may also ask you to do some further additions to the pages you have created recently. I will need your email in order to invite you to the gDoc for the next project. feel free to send me an email at andrew[at] to get that information to me.

As far as edits I would like you to complete, can you go through all the gTLD generic pages you created and make sure that the Category section of the template is filled out correctly, that it is a blue link and matches the category described on the main generic table? If this ended up being quick work it would be great if you could do it for all of the generic TLD pages, but I realize that you did not create all of these pages. I plan on catching up on a bit more of your editing and then giving you a new batch, though this will be on gDocs and not on the website. Thanks! Andrew

As always thank you for your quick and thorough work. As you can see we're working on catching up on your many batches - I won't make you wait through all the editing but I still want to work at it for another few days. Thank you for your patience, and please check back to see if I find any other nec. edits.

We are paying now for batch 11 - your continued help with editing as I catch up on your previous batches is appreciated. I will start a different style of batch with you shortly, I still need to price out the time and compensation for the work involved. Thanks as always Andrew