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Type: Privately held
Industry: Media
Founded: 2006
Founder(s): Sigmund J. Solares

Michael Gardner & Noah Liesk

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Country: USA
Key People
Ezra James, Managing Editor

Seth Coman, Director of Ad Services
Bruce Cervini, Administrator of Internal Operations

ModernDomainer is a bi-monthly magazine providing news, research, analysis, trends as well as business, legal, international and lifestyle reports regarding the domain industry. The magazine is published in full color and distributed internationally. Ezra James serves as the Managing editor of the magazine.[1]

The print edition of ModerDomainer is published six times a year offering new perspectives, in-depth analyses and emerging trends about the domain industry.


The concept and planning of creating a magazine for the domain industry started in 2006, when a group of domaining entrepreneurs realized the significance of having a source for domain news and analysis.

The idea became tangible when Sigmund J. Solares,Michael Gardner and Noah Liesk founders and owners of Intercosmos Media Group, Inc., also doing business as and, brought together professionals who are knowledgeable in the domain business, media and publishing and created ModernDomainer to become the voice of the domain industry.[2]

The readers of the magazine are primarily domainers.[3]