Abiola Adetokunbo Olugbeng

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Affiliation: [[:Category:Hope Newspapers|Hope Newspapers]][[Category:Hope Newspapers]]
Country: Nigeria
Email: tyokunbo [at] yahoo.co.uk
Blog: [AdetokunoAbiola.blogspot.com AdetokunoAbiola.blogspot.com]
LinkedIn: link=Profile   [Profile Abiola Adetokunbo Olugbeng]

Abiola Adetokunbo Olugbeng is an Author and Journalist with The Hope Newspaper; he specializes in Nigerian politics and IT.[1] He works at the Nigeria Internet Users Coalition, where he focsues on spreading the positive use of the Internet in Nigeria with students, organizations, companies, and other stakeholders.

He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, he is a writer of fiction and his stories have been published at home and internationally. He has been published in a large variety of print magazines, online journals, and other collections, including BBC's Focus on Africa magazine, and also Mayday Magazine.[2][3][4] Many of his stories can be found online.

Abiola Adetokunbo has published a novel with Macmillan of Nigeria, entitled Labulabu Mask.[5]


  • 2004 United Nations Economic Commission for Africa organised AISI/OSIWA reporting ICT in Rural Communities award
  • 2006 Siemens Profile Media Award
  • 2007 AISI/GKP/IDRC contest for African journalists writing on ICT policy, 1st Place
  • 2007 Merit Award, Profile Media Award
  • 2010 UCIP International Award on Women Issues , Honorary Mention[6][7]


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