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Address Supporting Organization

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Type: Supporting Organization
Industry: IP Addresses
Founded: 1999

The Address Supporting Organization (ASO) is one of ICANN's Supporting Organizations. It is mandated with reviewing and developing recommendations for policies on Internet Protocol addresses and to advise the ICANN Board accordingly. reviewing and developing policy recommendations concerning IP Address policy.[1][2]



Established in 1999, the ASO is composed of an Address Council AC, with representatives from each of the five autonomous Regional Internet Registries (RIRs):[3]

Three representatives are appointed from each RIR, which have their own independent election processes.[4] The Council then elects a chair who appoints the vice-chairs.

The AC is responsible for appointing two voting members to the ICANN Board. [5]

Policy Making in ICANN

The ASO does not directly develop policy on Internet number resources, but instead ensures that each RIR follows its Policy Development Processes. Global policies are made when there is agreement among all of the RIRs according to their policy development processes and ICANN, and require specific actions or outcomes on the part of IANA or any other external ICANN-related body in order to be implemented.[6]

ASO History

In July, 1999, when the three Regional Internet Registries which existed then, APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC submitted their proposal for the creation of the ASO on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding; which allows for the creation of a body such as the ASO as an extension of the NRO.

ICANN approved the proposal at its meeting in Chile, and the ASO was subsequently created in October, 1999, when the representatives of APNIC, ARIN, RIPE NCC and ICANN signed the MoU. LACNIC was later recognized as the 4th RIR and it signed the agreement on October 30th, 2002. The Memorandum of Understanding was modified in October, 2004, and signed by ICANN and the NRO, which signed on behalf of all the RIRs. When ICANN decided to recognize AfriNIC as the fifth global RIR the representatives of AfriNIC signed the MoU, and it was incorporated as the 5th NRO member.[7]

ASO Address Council

The main responsibilities of ASO Address Council are:

  1. Fulfilling its role in the global policy development process based on the requirements included in this process;
  2. Maintaining communication with ICANN and providing recommendations related to various policies and RIR recognition;
  3. Ensuring full support, guidance and advice for ICANN's Board related to the allocation policy for number resource;
  4. The development of procedures for business management and support their responsibilities especially in the case of Address Council Chair. [8]

Address Council Members

The council consists of 15 members, with three members from each of the five RIRs, with two being selected by each RIR's regional policy forum and one selected be each RIR's Executive Board.[9]

*RIR appointed member to the ASO AC

ICANN Board members

Consistent with the ASO Memorandum of Understanding and ICANN Bylaws, the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) is responsible for appointing Seats, 9 and 10 to the ICANN Board of Directors. For more information about the selection processes for current and previous appointments please follow the link.[10]

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