Amath Soumare

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Country: France
Email: asoumare [at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Amath Soumare

Amath Soumare is the Founder and CEO of Keyword Technologies, and the President of CANE (Centre Africain de la Nouvelle Economie).[1] He also is involved with Promo Consulting, and acted as the Project Manager for ICANN 42 in Dakar.[2]

Dr. Soumare is also the Founder of SOPEL International, an Africa-focused economic think-tank. He acts as an advisor to various international development agencies, and has taken part in various international African focused fora, such as the UNESCO seminar on innovative development strategies for Africa, and the OECD conference on trade and investment.[3] Amath Soumare is also the coordinator of World Bank-sponsored "Rencontres Africaines", which deals with economic and development information.[4] He is a strong believer in using IT policies and promotion to develop Africa, he sees the need for governments to appoint learned and forward-thinking policy makers, and to learn from the examples of more technologically progressive African countries.[3]

He holds a PhD.[5]


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