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Country: Congo
Email: b.schombe [at]

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Baudouin SCHOMBE (born February 23, 1952, Fataki, Congo) is the co-oridinator of CENTRE AFRICAIN D'ECHANGE CULTUREL (CAFEC).

Has a BA(1977) in French and African Culture and another BA (1979) in History. Congo His area of interests include Executive & Management, Public Relations, Internet, Information Technology, Multimedia, Transportation & Logistics. He is an active member of IP JUSTICE, DFID-PRRINN-MNCH, NABUUR, Internet Governance Project, Internet Society - ISOC, IG etc.[1]

Career History

  • Baudouin SCHOMBE Joined CENTRE AFRICAIN D'ECHANGE CULTUREL (CAFEC) as the of Coordinator ICT4D in August 1980. Since since January 1994 he has been working as the Coordinator and Consultant of Sub Regional Coordinator of ACSIS in Central Africa for CAFEC

2008 – 2010 (2 years) Administrateur RADIO OKAPI

Program Development industry

2006 – 2010 (4 years) Administrateur RADIO OKAPI

Program Development industry

2006 – 2010 (4 years) Collègue RonMowers, LLC

Program Development industry

2006 – 2010 (4 years) Consultant AGORA' 2000 S.r.l.

Privately Held; International Trade and Development industry

2008 – 2009 (1 year) ICT Consultant ICANN

Program Development industry

2007 – 2009 (2 years)