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Cordance logo.gif
Industry: Dataweb
Headquarters: Seattle
Country: USA
Key People
Vince Caluori, President and CEO

Drummond Reed, CTO
Lon Wiese, EVP and CFO
Brian Lewis, General Counsel

Cordance Corporation is a Seattle based company that specializes in creating, applying, and managing technologies for the Dataweb. The company follows a modern approach towards the maintenance of persistent and privacy protected identities as well as trusted data sharing peers over large-scale online networks. The company contributes to the international , non-profit organization [1] to devote public services and open standards for the Dataweb.


Cordance created the actual digital addressing technology that went on to become the base for the XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) and XDI (XRI Data Interchange); the two open standards are now a part of OASIS. The patents helped to create In 2004, the company entered into a partnership with NeuStar, this was done for the sole purpose of developing and operating the global registry of XRI and resolution services as per the contract signed with

Later, Cordance partnered with AmSoft for the development of open standard identity services based on the XRI platform, which included contact pages, universal login and address forwarding. Today, the company is actively working with international i-brokers, i.e. identity service providers, on the accreditation provided by and for the development and deployment of XRI digital addressing based i-services, i.e. identity services. Cordance is also an active Domain Roundtable participant [2].


Presently, the company is co-chairing the Identifier Technical Committees - Extensible Resource Identifier and XRI Data Interchange and Extensible Resource at OASIS. Global registry services are offered by the company to the XRIs which have been contracted under XDI.ORG. The company is a developer and digital addressing technology service provider. The Digital addresses which are better known as "i-numbers" and "i-names" are important for a new level of private and safe data sharing services and trusted identity.[3]


OASIS stands for Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. It is a non-profit association that works for the convergence, adoption and development of the open standards that could improve the standards of the information society all over the globe. OASIS came into being in the year 1993 as Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) Open, a group of users and vendors, who were entrusted with the task of developing standards and preparing guidelines for proper inter-operation between the products. In 1998, the name was changed to OASIS, which included Extensible Markup Language (XML) thereby broadening its spectrum. There are 5000+ participants in the group, representing more than 600 organizations from over 100 countries.[4]