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[[Image:MarkMonitorLogo.JPG‎|200px]] [[MarkMonitor]][http://markmonitor.com/index.php]San Francisco, CA, USA
MarkMonitor is a global leader in the fast-growing market for online corporate identity management and protection. It was founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, with regional offices and centers in London, Boise, Washington DC, and New York. They safeguard the brands of more than half of the Fortune 100, with companies including Facebook, Google and the [http://www.wikimedia.org/ Wikimedia Foundation].
It is one of the only companies out there offering enterprises the ability to both establish and secure their brands. MarkMonitor’s exclusive access to data, combined with its real-time prevention, detection and response, enables a more secure Internet experience for companies and the customers of those companies. MarkMonitor was the 43rd largest domain name registrar in terms of number of registered domains in 2007.
== Domain Management ==
With Domain Management, MarkMonitor provides the first step in establishing brands online. Domain Management gives complete visibility into the global domain space, allowing companies proactively seize opportunities, prevent others from undermining your brand and revenues, and efficiently manage domain names.
'''Domain Management Highlights:'''
* Ensures domains are safe with a “hardened” portal and a full suite of premium security solutions, including advanced security measures at the registrar level—and, security services to lock domains down to the registry level
* Establishes and provides cost-effective enterprise-wide domain management, enabling secure registration of active and defensive domains from any location, leveraging the industry’s most powerful suite of ordering, tracking, transaction management, approval workflow, and documentation tools
* Provides domain status worldwide, identifying issues and opportunities quickly, easily, and proactively through a seamlessly consolidated domain view and the industry’s most comprehensive domain rules and requirements list
* Intelligently identifies and closes gaps when they occur using the industry-first MarkMonitor Trademark Lookup and other intuitive tools
* Enables efficient domain recovery when M&A, product launches, and other events dictate, with services from the trusted leader in domain portfolio management for large, global corporations
* Prevents illicit domain abuse tactics—such as cybersquatting—by using defensive domain registration to block others from exploiting domain names associated with your brand
== MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ ==
MarkMonitor Brand Protection helps to eliminate confusing and fraudulent use of companies brands online. Leveraging the industry’s widest access to online data sources and continuously monitoring more Internet channels than any other solution, it safeguards brand equity, web traffic, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from paid search scams, unauthorized channels, counterfeit, pirated and grey market sales, false association, cybersquatting and other online threats.
'''MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ Highlights:'''
* Safeguards the value of your marketing investments—while optimizing return on ad spend and other outlays—by preventing pay-per-click scams, SEO manipulation and cybersquatting from diverting web traffic to unaffiliated sites or to illicit sites which associate your brand with undesirable content
* Detects the widest range of abuses more quickly and comprehensively by monitoring more online data sources—auctions, B2B/B2C exchanges, eCommerce sites, paid search, social media, message boards, email and more—with greater frequency
* Protects revenues and profits by shutting—and keeping—down sites selling grey market, pirated or counterfeit goods and reducing false warranty and customer service claims
* Helps to prevent brand reputation erosion by defending against false association on websites and social media sites
* Pinpoints and prioritizes abuse through advanced analytics and patented detection technology—scoring algorithms and matching copyrighted images
* Enables greater brand protection impact with less effort by identifying high-priority brand abuse, automating enforcement measures and simplifying enterprise-wide collaboration
* Builds confidence in your brand by warning customers away from infringing sites, until enforcement measures take full effect, through the industry-first MarkMonitor Trusted Brand Broadcast System™
* Delivers quick results with minimum investment of resources by leveraging the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model and Managed Services
== AntiFraud Solutions ==
MarkMonitor’s AntiFraud Solutions provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for protecting enterprises and their customers from phishing and malware attacks. The solutions feature a unique, multi-layered approach for predicting, detecting, blocking, monitoring and shutting down phishing and malware sites. Unlike other solutions, MarkMonitor AntiFraud Solutions focus on preventative measures and leverage the broadest industry alliances for protecting brandholders and consumers.
'''AntiFraud Solutions Highlights:'''
* Provide multiple lines of defense—unlike other solutions, both preventive and reactive—against phishing and malware attacks
* Prevent attacks before they happen with Early Warning System® and tools for uncovering fraudsters while they’re still in the planning stages of an attack
* Detect attacks before your customers do by monitoring and analyzing the industry’s widest range of intelligence sources, including spam feeds from the top ISPs, honeypots, and desktop sensors, plus antivirus vendor partners and other industry feeds
* Mitigate loss and brand risk with early detection and response—minimizing the number of victims and related support costs—by sharing malware and phishing alerts via the broadest fraudcasting network of ISP’s, browsers, email providers and security vendor partners
* Achieve shutdowns in a fraction of the industry average time by leveraging 24x7 security operations and the broadest technical shutdown network
* Halt even complex rock phish and fast flux DNS attacks by shutting them down at the root level—at the domain—thanks to the domain registrar advantages MarkMonitor enjoys
* Quickly identify targeted malware to enable internal team monitoring in support of forensics and credential recovery – then shut the sites down
* Arm enterprises with critical intelligence for ongoing, proactive defense, with a web portal for real-time monitoring, reports on industry-wide fraud activity, and trend reports to help keep executives informed
MarkMonitor has partnered with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, America Online (AOL) , Kroll, DtecNet, The Steele Foundation, Earthlink, LexisNexis, and the Anti-Phishing Working Group. They have also worked closely with numerous industry leaders and associations such as the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG), Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), Bank Administration Institute (BAI), Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), International Trademark Association (INTA), Online Trust Alliance (OTA), and Shop.org.
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