Drummond Reed

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Country: USA
Email: drummond.reed [at] cordance.net

LinkIcon.png   http://xri.net/=drummond.reed

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Drummond Reed
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @drummondreed

Drummond Reed is the Chief Trust Officer at Evernym. Previously, He was the co-Founder, Director, and Chief Technical Officer at Cordance Corporation. He is also the co-Chair of OASIS XRI and XDI Technical Committees, Founding board member at OpenID Foundation, Secretary at XDI.org, Steering Group member at Data Portability, Steward at Identity Common, and a founding board member ofOpenXRI.org.[1]

At Cordance, Drummond introduced the concepts of digital addressing and intelligent linking technology for which it is known. He led the team that filed and managed the cornerstone patents on the technology starting in 1996, and subsequently led the effort to contribute those patents to XDI.org so they could become open, public, royalty-free standards. XDI.org also contributed this intellectual property to OASIS where Drummond serves as co-chair of the XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) Technical Committee.[2]

Drummond resides in Seattle and is a graduate of Harvard University. He has two sons who have graduated from the Seattle Waldorf School and one of them is currently studying at the Bush School.[3]