Ethereum Name Service

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Ens logo.jpg
Type: public non-profit
Industry: Alt Root, Internet
Founded: place, 2018
Founder(s): Nick Johnson, Martin Swende, Jason Carver
Ownership: True Names LTD
Country: Singapore
Email: Community on Discord
Website: ENS
Blog: Documents
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ensdomains

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a protocol that builds on Ethereum, smart-contract blockchain, to permit users to use human-readable names in place of addresses.[1] ENS operates similarly to the DNS and is ICP-3 compatible. As with second-level domains, users may choose a name under the ENS default domain (.eth), or they may connect an existing domain in the DNS to their wallet using ENS as the validator.[2] Connecting an existing web domain to the ENS requires the user to activate DNSSEC for the domain and add an _ens record to the DNS records for the domain through their registrar.[3] Unlike its competitors, ENS does not seek to replace DNS. The ENS focuses on providing distributed name resolution for Web3 technology, such as blockchain. Traditional Alternative Roots such as Namecoin, Blockstack, and Handshake want to replace DNS.

Blockchain and DNS Domains

As noted above, any existing domain may be connected to the ENS by modifying its DNS record to include an _ens entry linked to an Ethereum wallet. In addition, there are additional options for those wishing to utilize the ENS, either as a stand-alone protocol or in conjunction with a TLD.


The ENS allows users to register a name under the .eth zone extension for creating wallet addresses. Registration fees vary based on the length of the second-level string being registered.[4] .eth is not a TLD in the Domain Name System.[5]


In 2018, ENS and Minds + Machines announced an agreement to utilize .luxe as a top level domain dedicated to ENS addresses.[6] The .luxe TLD is marketed as a means of connecting a web domain with cryptocurrency transactions and other blockchain applications.[7]