Frederico Neves

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Country: Brazil
Email: fneves [at]
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Frederico Neves is currently the CTO for Brazilian NIC, and serves on the Executive Board as its Services and Technology Director.[1]

Frederico Neves and ICANN

Frederico Neves is a Member of the SSAC[2]; In 2010 he was appointed as a SSAC member for partial term starting the 1st of January until the 31st of December 2011.[3]

Furthermore, Frederico Neves has been a frequent member of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel within ICANN's GNSO.[4][5]

Membership in Other Organizations

Frederico Neves is also part of the following organizations:

  • - For registering ".br" domain names, allocating ASN and IPv6 addresses;
  • CERT - The Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team;
  • CEPTRO - The Center of Study and Research in Network Technology and Operations;
  • CETIC - The Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies; for the Brazilian Internet development;
  • W3C - The Brazilian office of W3C, which recommends procedures and promoted studies for network improvement.
  • LACNIC - for technical and operational support. [6]