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Dates: 7th - 10th March 2000
Location: Cairo
Host: Ehypt
Venue: Cairo Sheraton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
Website: [1]
Historical Significance
ICANN 5 was the first event to be held in Cairo, Egypt


ICANN 5 was held in the Cairo Sheraton Hotel on egypt. It was to beome the first event which was held in this location and consisted of several meetings, from all groups associated with ICANN. The vent was deemed to have been a very succsessful and all meetings which had taken place, had all determined fantastic results. Some of the meetings which were scheduald to take place where the DNSO Constituency groups including the TLD and Business constituency. The GAC were also at the event and had arraged for several meetings to take place to disucss issues arising in there deparment and concerning ICANN.

Other meetings which had taken place were the normal ICANN Public Forum and also the ICANN board meeting which was open for public observation. Remote accsess to the event was also avhieved as it had been in previous eventsn and allowed for persons who had not been able to make the event, still participate in the schedualed meetings.


ICANN 5 had been arraged to last over four days, and was to consist of several meeting thorugh the course of the event. ALl meetings had taken place and were all seen as sucssesful. This event also featured an opening ceremony in whichthe current prime minister of egypt had taken his place to in the location and provided a welcoming speech to all visiters to this ICANN event.

ICANN 5 also featured several DNSO working groups, that had covered the subjects of new Top Level Domains and also the Outreach of ICANN. The ICANN public forum was the biggest meeting of the event and had lasted a whole day. It had coverd several topics that were up for discussion, these included the ICANN budget and also the AT-LArge membership and elections programme.

On the final day of this event the ICANN board meeting took place, in which the meeting was open to public observation. Topics such as the future location of events were discussed throughout this meeting, aswell as a review of all other topics discussed throughout this ICANN 5.


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