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Getting Started

Welcome to the site, I wanted to first give you a quick rundown of how to get started. First, if you haven’t checked out these pages, please open them up and keep them around, as they’ll likely be helpful:

The most important may end up being that last link on formatting. Another great way to get familiar with the formatting is to look at the technical version of any article. You could look at the backend of this message to you to see some basic coding and how that works. Also, for example, since you will be writing lots of ICANN meetings, take a look at the ICANN 40 article:

If your logged in, click the “Edit” tab, and you will see the backend of the article, which is what you will be responsible for making. Each article begins with a template, which is that info found between the double {{ markings. This template makes the right-hand info box you see on the finished page. I'm still trying to find where we hid the blank template for the ICANN meetings, but until then you can just copy the template from a completed meetings page (i.e., ICANN 40) and then delete the information applicable to that meeting only.

A big hurdle will be learning all the ICANN lingo, but our site has pages on all the confusing acronyms (SO when you come across something like “The GAC consults the RSSAC”, don’t worry, we have pages on both the GAC and RSSAC). It could help to read our general article on ICANN.

As far as the general layout of the ICANN Meetings articles, open up those example pages I already forwarded you on vWorker, they are found as blue links on the following master page on ICANN Meetings. The only ones that are fully completed are ICANN 41, ICANN 40, and ICANN 1. The other blue links are pages that have been started but not finished.

A note on the meetings, There will be less information on meetings as you go back in time. So ICANN 2 will have less info than ICANN 39. One source you’ll be using a lot is ICANN’s own archive of all meetings, found here. Before 2008 the meetings do not have individual websites and logos.

A very basic outline of how to map out a new page on an ICANN meeting:


‘’’ICANN # in <location>’’’ took place from ___ to ___. It was hosted by [[link hosting organization]]. The major topics of discussion were: (list with links of appropriate articles).
==Major Events==
==Newly elected officials==
List any newly elected officials and, if applicable, who they replaced.
List meeting’s sponsors and note level of sponsorship.

SO. that’s a lot already. I imagine you already have enough to look at and mess around with. Please let me know if you have any questions, preferably via on-site communication. The way to do this is to click on my Blue username (Andrew) and then go to my discussion page, that is the “Discussion” tab found off of my User page. Just add to the bottom of the page and it will notify next time I am logged into the system.


batch 1

So I just added the beginning of Batch 1 to your User page, we use the user pages as a way to list out work and also to discuss the editing process when that time comes. As it's your first batch, it's batch 1, but we are constantly creating content here, so I hope you have the patience to learn the wiki so we can continue to work together! Andrew

Great, I understand it's daunting. It may help to just star with some of those Meetings that already have pages created but that are not finished ICANN i.e., ICANN 38. I wish you the best of luck as you try to get a grip on it, and I hope you do because we love to continue to work with our authors once they've figured out the hard part of how to format and write a good page. Andrew

ICANN 2 Article

Okay, so I think the best thing for me to do is to just bullet out the edits I would make to this page right now.

  • First, I imagine the template and the UNDER CONSTRUCTION were imported and already there, but these are important things that should be at the start of EVERY article. Once we have edited the article we remove the under construction image.
  • The first two paragraphs are unnecessary ("ICANN was formed in 1998..."/"ICANN doesn't control the Internet...") This is important to know as background, but we assume that 90% of the people that would be on this page already know what ICANN is, and if they don't then they can click on a blue internal link.
  • Speaking of blue internal links, I don't see any of them. This makes sense because you likely don't know what kinds of pages are on our site and what you can link to. But the word ICANN for example, should be linked the first time it is used in an article, and occasionally after that.. (No need to link it EVERY time, that is just too much)
  • We are entirely neutral, and try not to use language that implies any sort of partial evaluation. So I would edit out the line that "meeting 2 would prove to be better than the first one".. It could be something like, "This meeting was reviewed as successful, especially since it was only the second meeting of the organization"..
  • We present what we find, not what we don't. So there's no need to acknowledge that you can't find find certain info at this time.
  • No need to be specific with times, i.e. (at 1:30 pm they met), if you have a full schedule then it might be worth repeating. But, in general, think about what people might want to know about a meeting that happened 10+ years ago, at this point they don't care what time of day they met but what they met about.
  • The formatting of breaking it up day by day is fine. That looks good. There isn't only one way to format, so maybe for a different meeting you won't break it down day by day, but when you have more info for each day you might.
  • We try to avoid external links whenever we can sue internal links instead. But to add external links is done like [ this]. that is, you use one bracket [ then1spaceForTheLinkTitle]. Internal links are double brackets like [[this]].

More questions?

Hello thank you for the feedback was very helpful, i have written content for all 50 articles i just have to upload it to the site, the way in which i have choosen to complete the task is to work on each article a little at a time, so many will follow the same format, s at the minute a have the first paragraphs written for all 50, then i will start to work on the sponsers section for all 50 if you see what i mean.

Just to clarify with you, what information you are looking for in the first paragraph, as i ha written alot of ontent as if the reader did not know anything about ICANN. For example in the content i have not uploaded yet, i have included the location, general meetings and disccusion topics, and also included that the meeting as free to attend for interested persons and the fact that they were webcast and remote participation was possibel. Is this too much?

Thank you for the feedback.

Kind Regards Steven Harrison

Be sure to be posting to MY discussion page (Andrew) as I don't get notified when you write on your own. I noticed that you had written here because of the recent changes.

It would be best for you to be working on-site whenever possible, so that we can work together. I respect the way you choose to work as long as the end product is up to par. The opening paragraph shouldn't explain what ICANN is, but instead focus on those things you mention. When it was held, where, how many people were there (if you can find), and any big news/developments/etc. that will be highlighted later in the article. That is, use the first paragraphs to introduce the meeting and what happened, and then you can later break that down and be more specific in the following paragraphs. Andrew


I have removed the friday update requirement and asked vWorker to remove any penalties related to this. However, I would like to know how the work is progressing. I would really prefer that you work on site as I could be sure that I'm helping you with any problems you are having. Andrew


While we are here to help you with editing, please have a keen eye for spelling and grammar, as you're making a number of mistakes. Please continue to write and upload content, and in the next few days I will edit your material so that you can then use those new examples to guide you through the rest of the articles. I hope you understand that I had been pushing you to work on site so we could start this back and forth process sooner, given that it makes both of our work easier.

Glad to see you on the site, and hear you are well. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery, Andrew

Hello there Many thanks for your message, i will continue to upload content on here for you. I will upload all work on here and ensure that the under construciton notice is on all Wikis. Therefore once i have uploaded all content i will then begin to edit it for you. I respect all feedback you provide me with and i will seek to work to your satisfaction.

Kind Regards Steven

P.S i am just trying to upload content so it is on the site and then will begin the edit, as the final process. If that is ok with you?

Yes, That is fine. Still, I will edit some of your articles to show you exactly what we're looking for and walk you through the changes that need to be made. This will help you write and research the rest of the content. Andrew


I have edited you ICANN article 2. One of biggest issues is the lack of references, I am looking now and it seems I may not have explained how to reference. Referencing needs to happen after every substantial section of the article, and should be used whenever you have taken information from another source (not copying and pasting, we don't copy and paste). It is done like this:

ICANN 2 was held in Berlin, Germany.<ref>[ Make Space and Explain Link]</ref>

SO first you have the ref brackets, then you have the link, and after the link make one space and explain what the link is, if it is, just write that out again in short form (i.e., leave off the www. and all the extra code at the end, just explain the link simply)

Please implement these in all of your articles. We usually do not do many external links, and it seems you may have been using those instead of references. I'm sorry I didn't address this earlier.

Other issues:

- No need to explain what ICANN is, that is what the ICANN page is for, this is just for the meeting

- Do not explain or talk about what information you cannot find, focus on what you know.

Now, it could be helpful to see my changes, look here. You can select to look at your version compared against my edits. This way you can see what I have deleted and what I have changed.

Let me know if you have further questions and please keep these edits in mind.

...Also the ICANN 2 article comes to an abrupt end, and there is no info on the third day of the meeting, please look into adding more information.



You can expect that there will not be much information on the first half of the ICANN meetings, as they were some time ago and there wasn't enough interest, attention, and documentation to make them big news events. However, as you get closer to the present you will note that you will find much more information. I suggest always trying to switch up your google searches, so don't stop at "ICANN 2", look for "ICANN 2 Germany", "ICANN Germany 1998", etc. Andrew


Thanks for updating me. I hope to have time to take a look at your more recent efforts soon so I can provide further feedback to help you with the rest of the work. Best, Andrew

ICANN 5 article


I have edited your ICANN 5 article. As Andrew stated above, it is very important that you include your sources properly in all future articles. The section "Meeting" currently has no references and I do not know where you got this information from. So this needs to be added.

Also please include information from this article in your paragraph about the board meeting:

Much of the information you included in your article was unnecessary. If you find yourself explaining the exact same thing in all of the articles you are doing, it is better not to include it in any of them. Specific information is better than general information.

Please compare the article after my edits (here) to the version that you wrote (here). Let me know if you have any questions. Caterina