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Dates: 25-27 May, 1999
Location: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Hotel Adlon
Website: ICANN.org

ICANN 2 was held in Berlin, Germany from between 25-27 May, 1999. All meetings took place the Hotel Adlon. Given that this was only the second ICANN meeting ever, its great successes were . The Advisory commitees for the ICANN 2 meetings were as follows.

The Meeting (Day 1 May 25th, 1999)

The first day saw the new advisory committees meet. These committees were the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and the Membership Advisory Committee. There was also a statement from IANA TLD which talked about the delegation practises.

Throughout the morning ICANN had reserved a metting room for each of the seven self-organizing constituencies of the Domain Name Supporting Organization. In addition to this, the DNSO initial assembly was to be held during the afternoon. The meeting commneced at around 1:30 pm and featured the introduction of webcasting services, to ensure that people not in attendance were still able to take part in the discussion. The meeting gave participants in the various DNSO constiuency group meetings the opportunity to report on their respective morning meetings, and also gave all DNSO General Assembly participants the opportunity to discuss the DNSO structure, as well as possible next steps in the DNSO process.

Day 2 (May 26th, 1999) ICANN Open Meeting

The ICANN Board of Directors held a day-long public meeting in Berlin at the Hotel Adlon. The meeting required no preregistration for the participants, and was open to all persons interested in attending the meeting. Webcasting services were also employed here for those wishing to participate from afar. The meeting's agenda included a discussion of the following topics:

  • Preliminary recommendations of the ICANN Advisory Committee on Independent Review
  • Preliminary 1999-2000 ICANN budget

All of these topics were posted online and were available to view and comment on, they can still be found here.

Day 3 (May 27th 1999, ICANN Board Meeting)