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Country: USA
ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member
of the ICANN Board

Linda Wilson is a former ICANN Board member, serving from 1998 to 2003. In 2004, she became a non-voting member of the 2004 Nominating Committee, serving as Advisor.


Linda served on the ICANN Board when ICANN was founded in 1998. She was elected to serve as the first chair of ICANN's new Nominating Committee in January 2003. Vinton Cerf, chair of the board, said, "We are indeed fortunate that Linda has agreed to fill this role. The Nominating Committee is central to ICANN's reforms. Linda's distinguished background, reputation for fairness, and commitment to ICANN make her eminently qualified."[1] In 2004, she became a non-voting member of the 2004 Nominating Committee, serving as Advisor.[2]

Education and Career

Linda earned her B.A. Newcomb College, Tulane University and her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has honorary doctorates from the University of Maryland and Tulane University. Linda's career has also been in higher education. She was vice president for research at the University of Michigan and President Emerita at Harvard University and Radcliffe College.[1][2][3]

Linda has served on many national committees and boards (for-profit and non-profit) in the United States "addressing research and development, and university-industry-government relationships". In her 2004 biography, ICANN listed her affiliations:[2]

  • Board of Administrators, Tulane University
  • Board of Directors, Tulane Murphy Foundation
  • Board of Directors, Myriad Genetics, Inc.
  • Board of Advisors for College of Letters and Sciences, University of Wisconsin
  • Dean’s Advisory Council, Newcomb College
  • Board of Trustees, Committee on Economic Development
  • Board of Directors, Friends of DaPonte String Quartet
  • Elected Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science
  • Member of the American Chemical Society

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society also lists the following affiliations and projects:[3]

  • charter member of the National Academy of Sciences' Government-University- Industry Research Roundtable, including its Task Force on the Academic Research Enterprise
  • chaired the National Research Council's Office of Scientific and Engineering Personnel
  • served on the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology and Government Task Force on Science, Technology and the States
  • served on the National Commission on Research and was chair of its subcommittee on accountability
  • Member of the Director's Advisory Council of the National Science Foundation
  • member of the Council of the Institute of Medicine, where she chaired its Finance Committee and served on its Committee on Government-Industry Research Collaboration in Biomedical Research and Education
  • Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science




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