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The ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom) is in charge of selecting all ICANN officers except the Director and positions selected by other Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees, as set forth by ICANN's Bylaws. The NomCom is designed to operate independently from the Board, the Supporting Organizations, and Advisory Committees, and members of the NomCom are to act purely on behalf of the interests of the global Internet community as a whole. Being a NomCom member is voluntary; there is no monetary compensation for the positions, although members are reimbursed for expenses directly related to their duties.[1]

The 2012, NomCom received 73 Statements of Interest from candidates all over the world (7 from Africa, 15 from Asia/Australia/Pacific, 12 from Europe, 24 from Latin America/Caribbean, 15 from North America)(14 female and 59 male), during its open nomination period from 23 December 2011 to 16 April 2012.[2]

Committee Structure

The NomCom is made up of:

  1. A non-voting Chair, appointed by the ICANN Board;
  2. A non-voting Associate Chair, who is appointed by the Chair to help carry out the Chair's duties. The Associate Chair may not serve in place of the Chair under any circumstances, and may not otherwise be a member of NomCom.
  3. The immediately previous NomCom Chair, as a non-voting advisor;
  4. A non-voting liaison appointed by the RSSAC;
  5. A non-voting liaison appointed by the SSAC;
  6. A non-voting liaison appointed by the GAC;
  7. Five voting delegates selected by ALAC;
  8. Two voting delegates, one representing small business users and one representing large business users, selected by the Business Users Constituency of the GNSO;
  9. One voting delegate from the gTLD Registry Constituency of the GNSO;
  10. One voting delegate from the gTLD Registrars Constituency of the GNSO;
  11. One voting delegate from the ISP Constituency of the GNSO;
  12. One voting delegate from the Intellectual Property Constituency of the GNSO;
  13. One voting delegate from the consumer and civil society groups, selected by the Non-commercial Users Constituency of the GNSO;
  14. One voting delegate from the ccNSO;
  15. One voting delegate from the Council of the Address Supporting Organization;
  16. One voting delegate from an entity designated by the Board to represent academic organizations;
  17. One voting delegate from the Internet Engineering Task Force;
  18. One voting delegate from the ICANN Technical Liaison Group.

The Chair, Advisor, and Associate Chair serve until the conclusion of the next ICANN annual meeting. Non-voting liaisons serve a term as designated by their appointing entity. Voting delegates serve a one year term, and may serve up to two consecutive terms, after which a two year time period must elapse before they may serve again. [3]

Current Nominating Committee

2019 Leadership Members

2019 Committee Members

NomCom Support Staff

  • Joette Youkhanna (Senior Project Manager)
  • Jia Kimoto (Project Manager)
  • Interim NomCom Staff Support: Christine Willett (Vice President, gTLD Operations), Michaela Quinzy (Senior Director, Global Support), Camia Frank (NomCom Office Coordinator), Adam Peake (Senior Manager for Civil Society Engagement) and Jared Erwin (Manager, GDD Global Implementation)

Past Committees


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