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Nominating Committee Appointees (NCAs) are selected by ICANN's NomCom, which is responsible for filling positions on the ICANN Board, two PTI Directors, three members of the GNSO Council, five members of the ALAC, and three seats on the ccNSO Council.

NomCom Appointment to ICANN Board

NomCom Appointment of PTI Directors

NomCom Appointment to GNSO Council

The ICANN NomCom appoints three of the members serving on the GNSO Council. The ICANN Bylaws describe the process through which NCAs are assigned within the GNSO Council.

According to Article X, Section 3(1((e) of the Bylaws, one NCA will be non-voting but can otherwise participate with the other members of the GNSO Council including the election process of the Chair. One voting NCA will be assigned the Contracted Party House and one to the Non-Contracted Party House.[1]

Current NCAs to GNSO Council

  • Tom Dale, Contracted Party House, Asia Pacific (AGM 2021)
  • Olga Cavalli, non-voting member, Latin America Caribbean (AGM 2022)
  • Carlton Samuels, Non-Contracted Party House, Latin America Caribbean (AGM 2021)

NonCom Appointment to ALAC

Current NCAs to ALAC

NomCom Appointment to ccNSO Council

Three seats of the ccNSO are also filled by the NomCom, one of which needs to be renewed per year. The NomCom focuses on filling these seats with people from other business perspectives than ccTLDs, which makes the NCAs different from the other members of the ccNSO Council.[2]

Current NCAs to ccNSO

Open NCA Positions

The 2021 NomCom will fill nine open leadership positions:

  • Three members of the ICANN Board of Directors (three-year term)
  • Three regional representatives to the ALAC, one from Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific Islands, and Latin America/Caribbean regions (two-year term)
  • Two members of the GNSO Council (two-year term)
  • One member of the ccNSO Council (three-year term)