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Country: India
Email: brajesh.jain [at]

Brajesh (C.) Jain is an Executive Council Member at Internet Service Providers Association India.[1] He serves as the President at Spectranet[2] and the Director of the NIXI Board.[3]

Mr. Jain is also the Chair of ISOC Delhi[4] and a Delegate at CEO Conclave.[5] He attends APNIC[6] ISOC[7][8] ICANN [9] and APRICOT meetings.[10]

Career History

Brajesh has done a lot of work on NGN committee of TRAI. He was member of Department of Information Technology (DIT), and was on the monitoring Committee for the implementation of IPv6.

During the emergence of the internet in India, Brajesh managed Internet services, VOIP, IPVPNs and MPLS based services. He has also worked at Bharat Electronics Ltd, CMC Ltd, RPG Enterprises Ltd ( RPG/NTT Japan project ) and Estel Communications.[11] [12]


Mr. Jain holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Technology Banaras.[13]


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