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Dates: 1st - 4th June 2001
Location: Stockholm
Host: Sweden
Venue: Stockholm International Fairs building
Website: [1]
Historical Significance
ICANN 9 was the first event to be held in Stockholm, Sweden.



The ICANN 9 event was hosted in the European country of Sweden, and was to take place in the country’s capital Stockholm. ICANN had made it a common knowledge that all of their meetings were free to attend, by all that were interested in any of the topics, throughout the event. Interest was high on this event as the meetings were to directly precede the INET 2001, Global Internet Summit event, which were to take place, the day after ICANN had ceased. Persons attending this event therefore had gained an opportunity to gain access, to the INET event, after the ICANN Meetings had taken place.

The event saw many meetings take place, and as a part, the attendant also received reports form the governmental advisory committee and the President and Vice president of ICANN.

Historical Notes



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